Yesterday, the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, posted an open letter to the company’s blog. Towards the end of the letter, she hinted at NFTs being in YouTube’s future.

Now that social media platforms have to deal with the impending threat of Web3, it’s no surprise that Wojcicki would label crypto art as an “opportunity” going forward.

The news hit Twitter yesterday morning after The Verge editor Tom Warren tweeted out an article about the blog post, leading the discussion with, “YouTube NFTs may be in the works.” It received roughly 3,000 likes, but more notably, over 6,000 quote tweets in which shitposters across the platform continued to dunk on YouTube’s NFT curiosity, referencing multiple NFT-related meme concepts like screenshotting NFTs and NFT Stands For โ€ฆ, among others.

Twitter’s memes also touched on the company’s decision to remove the Dislike Button. The decision caused controversy and memes en masse across Reddit, Instagram, Facebook and pretty much all social media platforms, whose active users watch YouTube daily.

For many online, official YouTube NFTs would add to the growing list of contentious decisions the company has made as of late. Some even joked about moving to the website Newgrounds, referencing it in their tweets as a semi-ironic alternative.

From all this, it does seem that more media companies will embrace NFTs as a similar “opportunity” going into the future. However, in YouTube’s case, It should be noted that an “opportunity” is all CEO Susan Wojcicki stated thus far. In fact, within the entire blog post, the word “NFT” is only mentioned twice.

Most of the post was about “The Creator Economy” and the future of YouTube’s “Shorts,” with Wojcicki namedropping the support of some of its most notable creators like MrBeast. For now, nobody knows if a YouTube NFT project is really in the works, but regardless, it’s an easy opportunity to make memes about it considering the controversial climate surrounding the digital art form right now.

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