Xadelle is our official web application development service and hosting system for small businesses, brands, and other organizations. We use it to host, power, and protect websites and web-based applications for our closest clients. 

It’s a service for safely hosting anything originally developed by our team. This makes it great for trading resources, collaboration between organizations, cloud-based management, and further development, which is great for quickly upgrading or adding features without needing to always shut down for maintenance or downloading external software.

This makes it so that the business leaders can focus more on running their business and taking charge where it matters, while we handle the marketing wherever they may happen to be.

We offer SaaS, SEO, CMS, and Server management strategies, for subscription, e-store, memberships, scheduling, ticket sales, job posts, and many other automated services. 

All web-based plans start at just $4.99 a month!