Wolverine once lost his claws and healing factor and had Superior Spider-Man build him a brand new armor that made him a new kind of hero.

After Wolverine lost his healing factor and the consistent use of his claws, he was reinvented with his ablation armor, making Logan an all-new hero. In one of his most transformative moments in the comics, Wolverine turned to the Superior Spider-Man for help in continuing as a hero despite losing the power that allowed him to survive. The ablation armor turned out to be the perfect short-term remedy to Wolverine’s problems.

Wolverine is one of the X-Men’s most notable members, as the hero’s adamantium-coated claws, healing factor, and rage make him one of the most violent mutants on Krakoa. Before the Death of Wolverine arc, Logan became infected with a virus from the Microverse, which took away his healing factor. The virus and loss of powers made Wolverine suddenly killable, as he became mortal and unable to consistently use the claws that made him such a force in the Marvel Universe. Instead of going into hiding, Wolverine got a new suit of armor courtesy of Superior Spider-Man, who gave the hero a chance to continue fighting despite his lack of healing factor and claw use.


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In Wolverine #2 by Paul Cornell, Ryan Stegman, Mark Morales, and David Curiel, a powerless Wolverine tracks down Otto Octavius-controlled Superior Spider-Man to seek information on Sabretooth. Wolverine seeks revenge on Sabretooth, who badly injured him in their last encounter. The Superior Spider-Man measures Wolverine before knocking him off a building, catching him with a web before hitting the ground. After showing Wolverine he couldn’t be so reckless without his powers, Logan returns home to find a new suit of ablation armor courtesy of the Superior Spider-Man.

Wolverine’s Ablation armor was built to keep the hero protected against some incredibly powerful attacks, as it’s even mentioned it can survive a nuclear blast. The armor would help Wolverine continue as a hero despite losing his healing factor. It had powerful claws and was strong enough to withstand blows that would kill the powered-down hero. Ironically enough, when Wolverine would face off against Sabretooth later in the series, he actually took off the armor and unleashed his claws (ouch) and took down his evil brother.

While Wolverine would eventually regain his healing factor and the use of his claws (without seriously hurting himself), the ablation armor proved to be the perfect stop-gap help for Logan as he adjusted to becoming mortal. Honestly, the X-Men should suit up other heroes with the powerful armor, as it proved to be almost as deadly as the real Wolverine. The ablation armor was short-lived but extremely effective.

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