Married At First Sight has produced several failed relationships recently. Fans think the dating series has become more about drama than marriage.

The newlyweds in Married At First Sight season 14 are still celebrating their wedding days, but fans are already convinced that the brides and grooms weren’t paired with their chances of creating long-lasting bonds in mind. For the past few seasons, the experimental dating series’ followers have become discouraged by the high rate of failed relationships and have become skeptical of matchmakers’ motives for the pairings made in the franchise. From the decrease in successful marriages to the increase in chaos, here’s why fans think couples are matched for drama, not love, in Married At First Sight.


Regrettably, some long-time viewers have become fatigued with the unconventional dating franchise in recent years. The main reason why fans have grown tired of the reality series is the surplus of dysfunctional marriages produced by Married At First Sight‘s producers and relationship experts. Unfortunately, recent seasons have featured fewer fruitful marriages and far more unlikeable cast members. Season 13 demonstrated just how far the matchmakers have fallen as none of the five marriages lasted more than a few months after the season’s conclusion. Despite the unprecedented failure, fans weren’t shocked by the results as the season 13 cast appeared primed to cause drama rather than embark on meaningful marriages.

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Sadly, viewers don’t think Married At First Sight season 14 will be the return to form they hoped it would be. Based on the first couple of episodes, fans have already noted that the new cast of newlyweds seem to be averse to healthy relationships and aren’t great candidates for arranged marriages. Instead of finding hopeful romantics that have a shot at finding their happily ever after in season 14, fans think Married At First Sight‘s matchmakers searched for stars that would instigate conflict. One example of a poorly paired couple is Olajuwon and Katina. Olajuwon has a history of cheating on his partners and Katina is still working through trust issues. Another couple well-suited to start drama is Alyssa and Chris. While Chris is eager to cuddle with his new wife, Alyssa asserted that Chris doesn’t meet her high standards.

Alyssa and Chris holding hands in Married At First Sight MAFS Season 14

In response to all of the mismatched couples that have been featured in Married At First Sight over the years, fans question the dating series’ intent. A Reddit user asked, “Do you think the show actually tries to match people or tries to create an entertaining show?” While fans believe that the experimental show started with pure intentions to prove the power of spontaneous love in 2014, Married At First Sight‘s audience thinks the series became more about entertainment over the seasons. A commenter explained, “It has manifested into a faux reality of itself where they are looking to build a brand more than to create happy long-lasting marriages.” Viewers suspect that the recent influx in chaotic relationships conveys the dating show’s shift in focus from creating loving marriages to creating compelling television. A cynical fan asserted, “[The matchmakers] want to just watch them all crash and burn.”

Throughout the past handful of Married At First Sight‘s seasons, fans have become convinced that the minds pairing the series’ newlyweds aren’t trying to form healthy relationships. From the increasing number of unsuccessful marriages to the turbulent personalities cast in the series, viewers think matchmakers have abandoned their initial goal of arranging rewarding unions. Hopefully, Married At First Sight season 14’s couples can end the series’ cycle of producing uninhabitable marriages.

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