Watch What Happens When I Cast A Spell I Don’t Know! is a quotable line and image macro accompanied by an image or gif of a character being frozen in ice. The line originates from an infamous moment in Chapter 2 of Toby Fox’s game Deltarune.


Delatrune: Chapter 2 was released by Toby Fox on September 17, 2021. Within a day of the game’s release, players discovered the existence of a secret route in the game known as the Weird/Snowgrave Route, in which the player has the opportunity to manipulate the character of Noelle to kill enemies by freezing them. Near the climax of the route, the character Berdly, Noelle’s best friend, takes notice of the player’s manipulation of Noelle and tries to stop them, but is unsuccessful, as the player forces Noelle to use the brand-new, fatal move “Snowgrave”.

Although Noelle is initially resistant, she eventually succumbs to the player’s demands and reluctantly uses the move while saying the line “Watch what happens when I cast a spell I don’t know!”, freezing Berdly in a block of ice and seemingly killing him. A video of the fight was recorded and uploaded to YouTube on September 21st, 2021, by the channel earning 4,500 views in six months (shown below).

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