The Walking Dead actress, Alicia Witt, opens up about her parents’ sudden passing to clear up misconceptions and to pay tribute to them.

The Walking Dead actress, Alicia Witt, has opened up about her parents’ sudden passing in order to pay tribute to them and to clear up misconceptions regarding the tragedy. Witt is an American actress best known for appearing in such works as Dune (1984), Twin Peaks, and The Walking Dead. Witt appeared in The Walking Dead season 6 as Paula, a hardened Savior who lost her husband and daughters to the zombie apocalypse. While she only appeared for one episode, she made a quite an impression with her brief performance as a villain on The Walking Dead.

Witt is known for making appearances in a wide variety of popular TV shows, having also guest starred in The Twilight Zone, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Two and a Half Men. Witt has also appeared in a number of made-for-television films, including many Christmas-themed Hallmark films. Sadly, a month ago, the actress made headlines for reasons other than her acting career. Reports arose that her parents had both passed away very suddenly. Their causes of death have not yet been released, leading to speculation that Witt seeks to quell.


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In a lengthy Instagram post, continued on Facebook, Witt opened up about her parents’ sudden passing, paying tribute to them and also explaining the tragedy. Witt began the post heartbreakingly recalling how she learned of her parents’ passing and reminiscing on their lives as brilliant educators. However, she also acknowledged that their sudden passing has caused misconceptions to arise and that, in the midst of grief, she felt a need to quell such rumors. Witt explained that her parents were very brilliant, but also extremely private and stubborn individuals, who were accustomed to their way of living. They refused Witt’s help multiple times, did not let others into their home, and had kept it private that their heat had gone out shortly before their deaths. Read Witt’s statement below:

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Witt’s heartbreaking post detailed her grief from losing both of her parents so suddenly and how it is intensified by those speculating on their passing. In the weeks since their passing, she has requested privacy to grieve. She had not expected to have to publicly speak on her parents’ deaths and wanted to protect the privacy that they had held onto so dearly. However, when her parents’ passing was being used as content for the media, she felt a need to break her silence. The Walking Dead actress’ post sought to explain that her parents were not penniless nor alone. They were not neglected or abandoned, but rather two individuals who sought to maintain their way of life and who didn’t like interference from others.

That Witt felt forced to break her silence on her parents’ passing is quite unfortunate. The trauma of losing both of one’s parents is significant enough, without having to deal with pressure from the media as well. However, her post proves to be not just an explanation, but also a tribute to her parents and to the unique people they were. It also seeks to show that there is no fault or conspiracy to the passing. Their passing was a tragedy that Witt doubts could have been prevented, unless she had gone against their will and interfered with the lifestyle they so strongly enjoyed. The Walking Dead actress should now be granted privacy and respect, as she was under no obligation to speak out, but did so to protect her parents’ legacy and to shield herself from speculation as she grieves.

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