Black Panther’s 200th issue is introducing a new character that doesn’t agree with Wakanda’s advanced technology but will be crucial to the story.

Fans of Black Panther have much to look forward to when Black Panther #3, the 200th issue in the character’s history, drops on Jan. 26th, including the debut of a new Wakandan hero in Marvel Comics. Academy Award-winning writer John Ridley has a lot to tell in the third issue of his ongoing run, so much so that the issue will be oversized. It includes bonus stories of Black Panther’s past, hints that will foreshadow Wakanda’s future, an encounter with the X-Men, and much more. This new hero, named Tosin Oduye, will have his chance to shine amidst the growing tensions between T’Challa and Wakanda as the nation moves towards becoming a democracy.


In an announcement from Marvel, Tosin Oduye will debut in his own 10-page bonus story in Black Panther #3. Designed by artist German Peralta, Tosin is a Wakandan youth hailing from a small village that actively shuns the advanced technology that Wakanda is famous for. This is a new angle of Wakanda to be explored through Tosin, as most of the country’s technology has always been viewed in a positive light. Considering the current political issues in Wakanda, it is exciting to wonder how Tosin will get involved.

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Most likely, the growing conflict will reach Tosin’s village, resulting in harm to the village as a whole, or specifically to someone Tosin is close to. As with most origin stories for new heroes, this is what will light Tosin’s heroic spark and have him take matters into his own hands. As of right now though, it is unknown what type of person Tosin is and what direction his story will go in, as his personality, his thoughts, and his motives are all yet to be revealed. All that can be said about him now is that he likely follows in his village’s mindset towards Wakandan technology.

Tosin Oduye's character design by German Peralta for Black Panther #3.

This makes for an interesting hero: if Tosin does renounce his homeland’s technology, he would be a stark contrast from what has been seen in Wakanda to date. As mentioned above, any details about him are yet to be seen, and this goes for his powers and abilities, too. Will he be a martial artist in the likes of Black Widow or Daredevil? Or will he gain powers through a supernatural encounter or unfortunate accident? For now, this is all just speculation, and Tosin’s origins will be revealed in his debut this Wednesday.

John Ridley promises a lot in his third issue that will surely rattle the nation of Wakanda and its residents. With T’Challa preoccupied by the country’s politics and his own stance on the matter, Tosin will surely have a large part to play in the outcome of the story. Be sure to pick up Black Panther #3 by John Ridley and artist Juann Cabal in comic book stores this Wednesday, January 26th.

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