It’s common on TikTok to do food reviews. Many viral content creators will have videos of them eating a meal and then sharing their thoughts on it. This TikToker has gone viral for just that, but she adds a whole new flavor to the trend. Jillz aka @jillzfoodz_ tries anything from pasta sauce to Fritos with cottage cheese—the limit does not exist with her. She recently posted a video of her trying the spicy snack Takis soaked in pickle juice and it’s somehow opened a portal from hell.


Takis in pickle juice exorcism: 


In the video, she seems to be enjoying it at first, but halfway through the video she starts freaking out. It’s alarming how intense she reacts, almost frightening, but you just can’t look away. Is she dying? Is she seeing some forbidden feature? Are demons escaping from her mouth?? Who knows, but the video has 7.4 million views, 1.2 million likes, and over 70k comments. With so much attention for her insane food reactions, it’s not surprising if she ends up on your ‘for you’ page. Maybe you get a little curious about what this women’s deal is so you scroll through her profile. This is when things get interesting. 


Jillz always reacts totally insane when she tries these new food combos. This isn’t even the first time she’s surpassed millions of viewers. Her taste test videos seem to constantly be breaking the internet. You may be wondering why she acts this way, but no matter how far back you scroll, the truth is still unclear. 


Trying pasta sauce


It’s most likely a comedy bit that she does for the views, and that is 100% working. But it also kind of seems like maybe this is just normal for her. Her family will sometimes appear in the videos, even doing the tasting with her. They seem to be un-phased by her maniacal laughter and freaky “sheee” responses. Whatever the reason is for her strange behavior, it’s hard to look away—no wonder she’s viral


Trying new ice cream flavors


Tries Pepper Jack Cheese on a pickle and a pretzel


Tries Popsicle with Whipped Cream


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