Viewers are losing it over this hilarious viral TikTok sound being revived. The video is using a sound from a trending sound in 2020, and it’s confusing and cracking up all of TikTok. The new video puts the sound as if it were a Snapchat argument. Most of the comment section seems to have missed the original video and is mostly confused—but everyone’s having fun.

There’s already 1.8 million views, over 180k likes, and over 2k comments. The comment section has three sides: One, the least common side, you know the original sound and get what’s happening; two, you know the accent, so you relate to it that way and find it funny; or three, the most common side, you have absolutely no idea what’s going on and can barely understand the words. 


“Eat these socks!”


The thing is, not completely understanding what this girl is saying is part of why this heated Snapchat argument is so friggin’ hilarious and making a comeback after two years. 

Someone get Duolingo, please. 

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