TikTok user @brookemonk_ posted a video accusing a boy of thinking girls poop. Confused men came flooding to the comment section with so many questions. What? Girls poop?? Well, don’t worry, fellas. The viral video gathered some women who are providing the truth. 

@brookemonk_: “Who told you that?”

So do women actually poop? No.

As you can see, women definitely do not poop


There are several answers, however, so it can get confusing. Basically, there are about three trending responses—the food they process just evaporates, it turns into glitter, or there’s a cleaning services that cleans their colons out. Either way, women take long in the bathroom not because they’re pooping—because, as established in this viral TikTok, women don’t poop—they’re doing anything from make-up, online shopping, or just looking at cat memes


What women really do:

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