There’s a new problem with society and the capitalistic pigs trying to be “woke” and that’s the new look for the green M&M. TikTok is buzzing over this “de-yassification.” The queen M&M has been stripped of her fashionable stiletto boots and given sneakers. And it’s not so much that the shoes are different, but M&M is completely changing her character up and have taken away the one thing that she claimed as her own and that was being a boss AF sexy piece of chocolate that “doesn’t melt for anyone.”


“We need to talk about the green M&M…”


“they deserve to be fired…”


The tragic revamp of the Green M&M is trending on TikTok and people are going viral talking about how messed up it is. This performative “woke” transformation is simply just ignoring what M&M consumers really want. Plus, TikTok isn’t missing the fact that this is just a publicity stunt to distract from the current lawsuits that Mars co. is going through for child slavery labor. 


The de-yassification


“Let the Green M&M Be a Nasty Little Slut…”




There’s even been a petition going around to bring miss Green M&M’s sexy self back. TikTok is really missing this fashionable M&M. 




A “woke” makeover

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