There’s no be-all and end-all rule book for parenting. Everyone has their own ideas about what makes a good parent, and sometimes differences in opinion can lead to some spicy familial conflict. That said, I think we can all agree that a good rule of thumb is to not be an asshole. Distraught dad u/Hills-Mountains35 turned to Reddit’s r/AmItheAsshole for guidance after his son’s stepfather, on some sort of rabid power trip, threw the kid’s new Xbox into a swimming pool. The kid had been saving up for ages to buy an Xbox and was finally able to achieve his goal with a little help from his dad. He was pretty devastated, to say the least. The dad demanded the stepfather to pay for the console he destroyed and took his son home. Now Mom is accusing Dad of keeping the son from seeing her. What a mess. Keep scrolling to see how other redditors responded to this dad’s story. 

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