There are 68 treasure locations to find in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, each of which is spread across the nine chapters and the prologue.

Similar to the treasures found in Uncharted 4, there are a plethora of treasures to be found in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy that attributes toward hours of optional gameplay when players are left to find them on their own. Specifically, there are 68 treasures to be found across the prologue and nine chapters of the Uncharted 4 expansion featuring Cloe and Nadine. As players take control of Cloe throughout the expansion, they’ll have to search high, low, and every place in between to find all treasure locations in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Uncharted: The Legacy of Thieves collection is one of the few January 2022 video game releases that was previously a PlayStation 4 exclusive but come Jan. 28, the collection will be available on both the PlayStation 5 and PC. Uncharted: The Legacy of Thieves collection is one of the many PlayStation original games that will be available on PC and is the most recent former exclusive of the group. Throughout both Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, new players will be able to experience Nathan, Cloe, and Nadine’s story for the first time while exploring and finding all sorts of treasures and collectibles.


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Unfortunately, finding all of the treasures in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy doesn’t reward players with anything special or in-game useable items, unlike other previous PlayStation action-adventure exclusives such as God of War and its artifacts. Instead, players will be able to earn several Uncharted achievements/Trophies on PC after finding five, 35, and all 68 of the expansion treasures. While there are no additional bonuses to finding every treasure in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, they provide players with a chance to explore their surroundings a bit more and channel their inner achievement hunter.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Every Treasure Location

Uncharted Lost Legacy Chloe Nadine (1)

Fortunately for PlayStation 5 owners, their treasure progress and all other in-game progress can be transferred up from their PlayStation 4 save files. With an active PlayStation Plus subscription, players can successfully transfer all saved data using the PlayStation Plus Cloud Storage. Unfortunately, only players who have a copy of Uncharted Legacy of Thieves for PS5 can transfer their data with the PS Plus Cloud Storage. All PC players will have to start the collection over from scratch.


  • Ganesh Figurine: After leaving the shop, the little girl steals the Ganesh Figure, and the cutscene shows Cloe retrieving it again.

Chapter One

  • Sterling Silver Cigarette Case: After arriving at the house with the red door, find this treasure on the roof atop a few barrels.

Chapter Two

  • Bullet Whistle: Look for the ledge near the shed to the right of the first zipline to find the Bullet Whistle.
  • Military Service Lighter: Just after the first zipline, the Military Service Lighter can be found inside the shed once Chloe pulls out a crate on the roof.
  • Utility Spork: After Chloe pushes the second crate down to Nadine in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, several small boxes fall, and one of them contains the Utility Spork.
  • Traveling Inkwell: The Traveling Inkwell is found on the left side of the purple room, just after the balance walk over the beam.
  • Tactical Compass: After Nadine crashes through the window in a cutscene, a room with a similar window will contain the Tactical Compass in a crate.

Chapter Three

  • Gupta Empire Coins: Keep an eye out for the sloping rock in the area with the flamingos, and find the Gupta Empire Coins in the water.
  • Silver Water Jar: To the left of the door that has to be pulled down using the winch are ledges that can be climbed out on. A hole in the wall will reveal the Silver Water Jar, and it can be accessed by destroying the wall with explosives in the Uncharted: The Legacy of Thieves game.
  • Golden Fish Statuette: Before the small bridge is an area with multiple waterfalls. Between the two waterfalls with trees is the Golden Fish Statuette.
  • Mango Crystal Scent Flask: After pulling down the second door with another winch, climb down and look to the left to find the Mango Crystal Scent Flask.

Chapter Four

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Chapter 4 Map Treasure Locations

Chapter four of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy allows players to explore the world in an open environment, and there are a plethora of treasures to be found. Using the map above, find every treasure beginning with the Inscribed Copper Plate location marked “1” and the Metal Tiger Claws treasure marked “19” in the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves expansion map.

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  • Inscribed Copper Plate: The Inscribed Copper Plate is found on an island with monkeys and ruins.
  • Silver Goblet: Find the Silver Goblet next two, the Inscribed Copper Plater.
  • Hoysala Kukri: The Hoysala Kukri can be found near the Silver Goblet and an Inscribed Copper Plate as well.
  • Miniature Bronze Cannon: Find the Miniature Bronza Cannon inside the area’s lockbox.
  • Jade Archer’s Ring: The Jade Archer’s Ring is on the tower near the lockbox mentioned above.
  • Hoysala Coin: The Hoysala Coin is inside the eye of the elephant rock.
  • Ivory Casket: The Ivory Casket treasure is up the cliff near the tree that can be traversed with the 4×4.
  • Stag Horn Box: After sliding down the ridge, hang off the ledge of the rock with a pillar to find the Stag Horn Box behind the pillar.
  • Trinket Box: There is a waterfall south of the lockbox in this area with a tunnel that can be driven into. The Trinket Box is atop a stone in the passageway.
  • Ancient Stone Jar: Head to the area and drive down near the waterfall to find the Ancient Stone Jar shining a rock.
  • Medieval Indian Lock and Key: Head up the southern side ledge of crumbled ruins to find the next treasure in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.
  • Rosewood Spice Box: On the road toward the Towerkeep, find the Rosewood Spice Box on a small side path.
  • Leather-Covered Binoculars: The Leather-Covered Binoculars are in this area’s lockbox.
  • Engraved Gourd Jar: Under the bridge made out of tree roots in the Engraved Gourd Jar.
  • Serpents and Ladders Game: Head up the flight of stairs leading up to the cave near the bridge in the area to find this treasure.
  • Nagfani Horn: Search for the tree with small pillars around it to find the Nagfani Horn nearby.
  • Jade Pendant: Climb the ruins to find the Jade Pendant in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.
  • Butterfly Trinket: The Butterfly Trinket is inside this area’s lockbox.
  • Metal Tiger Claws: Enter the cave before the Axe Fortress to find the Metal Tiger Claws.

Chapter Five

  • Padouk Tea Caddie: Head to the end of the nearby cliff to find the Padouk Tea Caddie treasure in Uncharted 4’s expansion after Nadine exclaims that she has found some stairs.
  • Engraved Ewer: This treasure can be spotted when swinging across the ropes to head left around the cliff. Progress a bit further to find the area that allows Chloe to climb up and reach the Engraved Ewer.
  • Bidri Hookah Bowl: Check the corners of the elephant statue for the Bidri Hookah Bowl after climbing down the statue of Ganesh.
  • Gold-Cased Ivory Dentures: After crossing through the tunnel, look around the left side of the room for the Gold-Cased Ivory Dentures.
  • Palm Leaf Manuscript: The Palm Leaf Manuscript is on the left side of the room with the skeletons and two lanterns in the middle.
  • Khanjarli Curved Dagger: The Khanjarli Curved Dagger can be found in the corner of the room with dull light after being chased by the armored car, one of the best chase scenes in Uncharted 4.

Chapter Six

  • 10th Century Oil Bottle: After entering the ruins portraying Nandi, continue down the flight of stairs. The treasure is down the passage and to the right.
  • Aged Silver Anklet: Following the bat scene and short tunnel, turn right, go up the stairs, and turn left to find the Aged Silver Anklet.
  • Ceremonial Sugar Hammer: In the elephant reunion area, proceed to the right corner to find the Ceremonial Sugar Hammer.
  • Raja Raja Gold Kahavanu: Following the elephant reunion, complete the climbing and head through the tunnel to find the next treasure on the right side.
  • Agate Gemstone Box: Climb and swing to the ledge with the final treasure in chapter six of Uncharted 4’s expansion after exiting the tunnel.

Chapter Seven

uncharted 4 lost legacy standalone versions

Although there are many treasures to be found in chapter seven, there isn’t the same level of free exploration as chapter four, so these treasures should be easier to find in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

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  • Lakshmi Marriage Ornament: The path will lead Cloe through the passageway behind two waterfalls following the jumping sequence. There is a spot that can be jumped to from the second waterfall that contains the ornament.
  • Hanuman Brass Bell: As Cloe reaches the large flight of steps to Belur, the Hanuman Brass Bell is found on the right behind the statue of Shiva.
  • Enameled Betel Box: Look for the partial wall in the shallow water after dropping down into the well before swimming down the tunnel.
  • Jeweled Pipe Mouthpiece: Head left after heading down the tunnel mentioned above to find the next Uncharted: The Lost Legacy chapter seven treasure location.
  • Handcarved Seesham Breadbox: The Handcarved Seesham Breadbox is in the room adjacent to the Jeweled Pipe Mouthpiece location in the alcove on the left side upon entry to the room.
  • Silver Comb Perfume Flask: In the same room as the Handcarved Seesham Breadbox, head to the far side to find this treasure on the ground near the shelves.
  • Bronze Deccan Incense Burner: After heading to the next room with the pool, jump in and swim under the entrance. The Bronze Deccan Incense Burner is located on the left side of the chamber.
  • Satavahana Hourglass: After exiting the tunnel of the following room with the root, head right to find the next treasure location of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, chapter seven.
  • Chalukya Griffin Candlestick: The Chalukya Griffin Candlestick can be found at the top of the waterfall that flows into the aforementioned pool near the statue in the left corner.
  • Bronze Medallion Flask: After entering the throne room, head left to find the Bronze Medallion Flask in the water behind several rocks.
  • Bichwa Dagger: Upon entering the throne room, the Bichwa Dagger is located at the base of the Shiva statue.
  • Jadeite Bottle: Located in the bottom right corner of the throne room near the statue.
  • Harappan Ivory Dice: Climb up to turn the first wheel in the throne room, and continue climbing up the wall to reach the Harappan Ivory Dice.
  • Ivory Chess Pieces: After jumping from Shiva’s right hand, hang off the roof’s edge to enter the nearby room and find this Uncharted: The Lost Legacy treasure location in chapter seven.
  • Gold Chola Earrings: Climb past the wall past the wheel that turns Shiva’s right arm. The Gold Chola Earrings are at the end of the platform.
  • Bridal Maang Tikka: Once the water begins to flow over Shiva’s right shoulder, swing down to return to Nadine. Before turning the second wheel, drop down to hang off the platform ledge, then climb to the right and up the broken staircase. The Bridal Maang Tikka is on the nearby pillar.

Chapter Eight

  • Jeweled Snuff Bottle: At the very beginning of the chapter, look to the left ledge to find the Jeweled Snuff Bottle.
  • Brass Ewer: After dropping down to the waterfall, dive underneath it to find the Brass Ewer.
  • Mamluk Brass Bowl: Use the slide to crossover to the right ledge after leaving the cave behind the waterfall, and head to the ledge end to find this treasure in Uncharted 4’s expansion.
  • Crescent Flask: The Crescent Flask is located in the right corner of the area with the iron fence.
  • Soapstone Jewelry Box: After sliding down, instead of climbing up the rope, head left and climb up to reach the Soapstone Jewelry Box in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.
  • Peacock Nut Cutter: Following the destruction of the railway bridge, climb up to Nadine and down to the next ledge to find the Peacock Nut Cutter.
  • British Powder Flask: Find the British Powder Flask in the cave to the right after the ladder breaks and the crate is dropped down.
  • Strange Skull: Following the conversation with Nadine, use the rope to swing down to the ledge beneath Cloe to get the final treasure of the second to the last chapter of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves.

Chapter Nine

  • United India Company Pistol: Find this treasure in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy atop the first train cart.
  • Viceroy’s Penbox: Find the Viceroy’s Penbox on the backside of the train cart that Nadine speaks of with no way to climb up.
  • United India Company Coins: Following the driving sequence, head back to the train to find the United India Company Coins at the third cart in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is available in the Uncharted: The Legacy Of Thieves collection for PS4 and will be available for PS5 and PC on Jan. 28, 2022.

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