Netflix releases the official trailer for the upcoming Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming, revealing the estimated age of the titular character.

The trailer for Netflix’s A Madea Homecoming has officially been released and has been announced to premiere next month on the streaming platform. Recently, the multi-hyphenate media mogul, Tyler Perry, announced his return to the franchise to revive Madea after declaring his departure in the 2019 film, A Madea Family Funeral. The upcoming film will follow Perry’s separation from Lionsgate and will center around an LGBTQ+ storyline, starring the return of Perry as the lead role, Tamela J. Mann as Cora, David Mann as Mr. Brown, and Cassi Davis Patton as Aunt Bam.

Now, Netflix has shared the official trailer for the 12th installment of the Madea franchise, where it is revealed that Madea is roughly about 95 years old. With Big Freedia’s song featuring Lizzo, “Karaoke,” playing in the background, the trailer teases the return of the beloved grandmother for her great-grandson’s graduation. As Madea’s family comes together to celebrate the monumental event, things go wrong as the trailer shows Mr. Brown struggling to ignite a fire for a barbecue party, along with showcasing potential family drama. Later, in the trailer, Madea is seen reminiscing about being 20 in 1955 with her family, and her family estimates her age to be around 95 years old. Watch the full trailer below:


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Although her family estimates her age to be around 95 years old, the math suggests that Madea is actually 87 years old in 2022. However, Madea’s age and the details of her younger life have always been speculative, with nothing definitively being confirmed. Hopefully, the drama prequel series about the early life of Madea, Mabel, will share more clear answers relative to the iconic character. Withal, A Madea Homecoming is slated to premiere on February 25, exclusively on Netflix.

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