The audio quickly spread, with everyone either doing the same choreographed dance to it, or creating something of their own. The most liked video to use the audio is a group of three boys doing an original dance in time to each other, which ends in a similar position to how it started, creating the illusion of a loop. The TikTok was uploaded on January 6th by christiankesniel, and it gained over 9 million likes in three weeks (shown below).

On January 23rd, 2022, the TikTok user Bucketsthedrummer used the song in a new way, as a bait-and-switch joke. Buckets starts off getting ready to drum the beat of Toxic, which plays first in the audio, before switching to drumming the beat line to Pony, and stating in the video that the observer ‘got Pony’d’, earning 1.6 million likes in two days (shown below).

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