Netflix’s Maid Is one of the most talked-about shows from late 2021. And honestly, it’s not a fun watch. It’s far more stressful than any horror movie you’ve ever seen. It follows Margaret Qualley’s character Alex as she escapes (or fails to escape) an abusive relationship and gets a job as a maid to keep custody of her daughter. It sounds dark, right? So why are we talking about it on Know Your Meme? The answer is simple: Twitter won’t shut up about it.

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There are a lot of very divisive opinions about the show. At times Alex can be frustrating to watch. Other times, it’s like watching the same car crash happen over and over again. In merits, it is a very good series, but it’s hard for me to say you should watch it, since I would feel like I was punishing you for something through the use of severe psychological distress. This is the kind of show you recommend with fake niceness to someone who has wronged you, a passive-aggressive way to make someone’s Netflix viewing experience much less pleasant. So with that in mind, here are the episodes frequently coming up in discourse and memes — watch them again if you dare.

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In the show, there’s a character named Nate. We don’t really know a ton about Nate from the start, but he’s friends with the main character and gives her a car. However, he also wants her to go out with him, even though she just fled from her awful relationship with her daughter Maddie’s father. And in this episode, She moves in with him. This obviously didn’t sit right with a lot of people. But regardless, she appeared to be interested in him throughout the episode, but then proceeds to make another really horrible decision that results in her being booted out by the next episode.

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Though there’s a lot of controversial topics in this show, there’s nothing as controversial as Nate. A lot of people think he’s the absolute worst, and draw comparisons between him and the “nice guy” persona you sometimes see in discord admins and lonely Redditors. However, there are still a lot of people who adore Nate, and one particular still from the episode in which he’s wearing a cowboy hat (in Alex’s fantasy, while literally tossing a salad) and not wearing a shirt has predictably circulated a lot in pro-Nate memes and tweets, like some sort of thirst trap that is predictably comparable to Ben Swolo, yet somehow even more uncomfortable.

Tweet N Netflix{ @netflix Raymond Ablack from Ginny & Georgia also co-stars in Maid and there's a scene where Margaret Qualley fantasizes about him as a cowboy. Just thought you should know. 5:47 PM - Oct 5, 2021 - Twitter Web App Raymond Ablack Hat Muscle Font Flash photography Beard

Most Meme Potential: Episode 4: “Cashmere”

This episode was not one of the best. In it, Alex, who has been living in horrible poverty, decides to impersonate a rich person in the house she’s currently cleaning and invite over a random Tinder date. She does so while lying about her age, college status, the fact that she has a kid, et cetera. It had millions of viewers completely frustrated and confused by why she was doing this, and it sparked a Twitter discourse where people overanalyzed everything about the already complicated show and insist that Qualley’s character is completely unlikeable and stupid. To agree with this is a controversial topic, but to say otherwise is equally controversial, so this show has really led to a peak Internet hivemind mentality that we all know and love.

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There’s something completely ridiculous about the fact that Alex would suddenly try to live out this fantasy in someone else’s house when there was clearly always risk of the homeowner coming home. It was obviously going to happen at some point, so why would anyone do that? The fact that she also stole a $1500 sweater without realizing it (how do you not realize that?) makes it worse. Apparently she just really needed a Tinder date for Thanksgiving, and it’s leaving the internet even more confused on where they stand about her to begin with, and of course this indecisiveness has created a lot of memes and extensive online discussions.

V @JustMe_Vania Alex is dumb. Dumb AF. Idk if I feel bad for her anymore. She keeps getting chances and she ruins it for the dumb baby daddy. I can't. #MAIDNetflix You can't fix stupid. GIF 2:17 PM - Oct 2, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone Eyebrow Facial expression Product Font Eyelash Smile Musical instrument

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