Fox News co-host Tomi Lahren on Wednesday suggested that President Joe Biden should not nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court because “we saw how well that worked out with Kamala Harris.”

Moments after the news broke that Justice Stephen Breyer plans to retire from the high court, Lahren agreed with other Fox News contributors who speculated that a Black woman would be picked.

“We know that what Joe Biden does best is placate to the radical element and the radical progressive base of his party that he believes is the majority,” she opined. “I believe that they are actually the minority.”

“But I’m wondering the kind of justice that he would nominate,” she continued. “Now again, I’m sure it will be, as Guy [Benson] said, a Black woman. You know, he’s got a dedication to that. We saw how well that worked out with Kamala Harris but here’s to hoping that he has a better choice in mind for this position.”

Lahren went on to insisted that Americans should “take a step back and stop projecting politics on the court.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t do that so much,” she added, “especially the media.”

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