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If you canceled your Fitbit Premium membership after running through a free trial, you’re in luck. Fitbit is offering some customers an additional 3 to 12 months of its Premium subscription for free—here’s how to check if you’re eligible.

Open the Fitbit app and head to the Premium tab. If you’re a former Premium subscriber (even if you never paid a dime), you may see an offer for 3, 6, or 12 months of free Fitbit Premium under the “Best Offer” or “Regular” subscription tiers.

If Fitbit offers you an additional Premium trial, I suggest redeeming it ASAP. We aren’t sure if Fitbit is intentionally handing out extended trials or if this is a bug in the company’s app. We also don’t know how the company determines the duration of these free trials—some users get just a few months  while others get a full year.

Need a quick refresher on Fitbit Premium? The subscription service unlocks a ton of additional features for your fitness band, including over 200 guided workouts, daily scores for Sleep, Stress, and “Daily Readiness,” plus deeper insight into your heart rate and blood oxygen levels.

And in the future, Google could expand Fitbit Premium to smart home products like the Nest Hub. It’s a growing service, and now’s the time to get familiar with it.

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