On January 24th. 2022, Twitter user delphic_1 then made a meme that used an image of Russian President Vladimir Putin holding his head in his hand, captioning it with top and bottom Impact font reading, “He Couldn’t Handle The They/Them Army,” referencing memes made about They/Them Pussy (shown below). Over the course of two days, the tweet received 176 likes. However, it was also reposted as a reply beneath the original tweet by Twitter user isTrashAccount, where it earned roughly 11,800 likes in two days.

HE COULDN'T HANDLE THE THEY/THEM ARMY Forehead Tie Gesture Font Microphone Spokesperson Formal wear Official Suit

More memes were made in the days following. For instance, Twitter user DylanBurns1776 posted a tweet that used a Crying Wojak and a female SJW Wojak, effectively labeling the latter as representing the average They/Them soldier. The meme (shown below, left) received roughly 11,100 likes over the course of two days. On January 25th, Twitter account RealYouTubeKids posted a quote tweet that included a meme using the Uncle Ben What Happened? format, earning roughly 25,700 likes in one day (shown below, right).

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