The Timeless Child is an online co-op puzzle mystery game with 22 achievements to unlock. Some of these achievements may leave players stumped.

The Timeless Child is a two-person co-op puzzle and mystery game that requires its players to communicate in order to solve puzzles and unravel the secrets behind them. The game has 22 achievements to collect between partners (including five hidden achievements) and will require communication, attention to detail, and more than one playthrough to get them all.

Achievements have always been a great way to extend a game’s longevity, and the Timeless Child is no different. Even after completing the game and learning the puzzles, a replay can be used to scour each environment for hidden achievements that the players may have missed the first time around.


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While some of the achievements in The Timeless Child are very simple to get, others will require time and patience. This is a game best played with either a dedicated achievement hunter or a very patient friend because some of these achievements are far from easy.

How to Unlock & Collect Every Achievement in The Timeless Child

The Timeless Child Map

Starting with some of the simpler ones, the following is a list of active achievements and how to collect them in The Timeless Child:

  • BFF: This achievement is unlocked by playing with a friend for the first time. Since the game can only be played in co-op mode, this achievement is practically unlocked right from the start.
  • Traveling Companion: This achievement unlocks by opening the map located on the table next to the stairs. This can be done from any character’s perspective.
  • Echoes from the Past: As Emily, ring the bell for the first time by right-clicking. The partner player, as Chris, will see a pinkish-colored animation where Emily used the bell.
  • Solve Books Puzzle: As Chris, the player will need to solve the book’s puzzle in the library using information from Emily.
  • Help Solve Books Puzzle: As Emily, find the note in the library that specifies the four book titles Chris will need to pull to solve the book’s puzzle.
  • Solve Clocks Puzzle: The clock puzzle is in the office where Chris will need to find two clock arrows in the room to use on the big clock. There are also symbols on the projection in the room that can be relayed to Emily who can translate them into hours and minutes. Chris will also need to set the time on the left-most clock.
  • Help Solve Clocks Puzzle: After translating the symbols from Chris into numbers, Emily will need to set the time on the middle and right clocks.
  • Solve School Puzzle: Once inside, Chris will need to find and play the VHS that explains the rules of the grid puzzle in the room. Players can go straight and turn only once. If the player turns more than once, the puzzle is failed.

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  • Help Solve School Puzzle: Chris should see an icon once the grid is active that will tell Emily which of the solutions found on the board in her room Chris should use.
  • Solve Greenhouse Puzzle: Chris will need to provide details about the flowers in the book in his room as well as the location of the pots. These details should include the liquid colors and amounts as well as keywords in the descriptions.
  • Help Solve Greenhouse Puzzle: Emily will need to control the robot terminal and use the required colors in the required order in the correct pots.
  • Solve Paintings Puzzle: In the room upstairs above the dining room, Chris should activate the button panel using the key. He should then use the buttons to pour wine in the correct order, given by Emily.
  • Help Solve Paintings Puzzle: Emily will need to take the nameplates out of the box in the room and put them with their corresponding paintings. They are correct when the player cannot move them anymore. The portrait tiles are the key to figuring out what order to pour the wine.
  • Chris Hunt: Complete the prologue playing as Chris.
  • Emily Wells: Complete the prologue playing as Emily.
  • Scientia Potentia Est: Find and read the three hidden sheets in the game. One can be found by Emily in the office. Chris can also find one in the office and another in the fireplace in the library.
  • To Posterity the Arduous Sentence: Find and listen to the two George Wells tapes. One can be found by Emily at the basement entrance and the other by Chris on the floor outside the office. There is a secret keyhole in the office that will allow the completion of this achievement.

Every Hidden Achievement in The Timeless Child

  • Man of Culture: This achievement becomes available with the book’s puzzle in The Timeless Child. Solve the book’s puzzle as Chris without making a single mistake. The game can be restarted from this puzzle to collect this achievement.
  • Exemplary Student: This achievement unlocks after the school puzzle. Complete the school puzzle as Chris without making a mistake on the grid.
  • Green Thumb: This achievement unlocks with the greenhouse puzzle. Help solve the puzzle as Emily without making a mistake.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous: This achievement becomes available with the painting’s puzzle. Solve the puzzle as Chris without making any mistakes.
  • Unwelcome Guest: As Chris, the player should notice the door to the basement slightly ajar. Interact with the door to unlock and gain the achievement.

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The Timeless Child is available on PC.

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