Before he passed away, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid asked the Senate to abolish the filibuster. Democrats must fulfill his request.

Harry Reid Called On The Senate To Abolish The Filibuster

Reid wrote in The New York Times in 2019:

Something must change. That is why I am now calling on the Senate to abolish the filibuster in all its forms. And I am calling on candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for president to do the same.


As I said in 2013, the Senate is a living thing, and to survive, it must change — just as it has throughout the history of our country. The American people elect leaders to address the issues facing our country, not to cower behind arcane parliamentary procedure.

This era of obstruction and inaction must come to an end, and I urge our nation’s leaders to join me in calling for the abolition of the filibuster. It’s time for the Senate to start working again.

Senate Democrats Must Listen To Harry Reid And Change The Filibuster

Current Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called Reid his mentor, and Schumer has been following Reid’s playbook in his efforts to change the filibuster.

The filibuster change that Reid accomplished in 2013 was a long slow process that took more than a year of effort. Reid himself said that he should have changed more of the filibuster, but in 2013, he thought that the Republicans would eventually return to normal. Instead, they became more radicalized and obsessed with obstruction and gridlock.

Democrats in the Senate have an opportunity to honor Harry Reid in a lasting way. Senate Democrats can abolish the filibuster so that every time a person can go to the polls and vote, it will be a small tribute to the legacy of Sen. Reid.

When the planet cools, or action can finally be taken against gun violence in the Senate, it will be because Democratic Senators gave Harry Reid a lasting legacy in the Senate.

Democrats could even name the filibuster rule after Reid.

Harry Reid called for the filibuster to be abolished, and Senate Democrats should do exactly that in his name.

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