For those of you living in the United States, I hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving. For those of you that live elsewhere, I hope you enjoyed the previous week safely. When it comes to site-related news, by far the most important is related to fan requests for long-form and unedited Quick Looks to make a return. As a compromise, Giant Bomb is rebranding its old clips YouTube account Nuke Dot Com and will now post unedited Quick Looks there. For those wondering why Giant Bomb is posting edited Quick Looks and videos on its main channel, it’s complicated. But, the long story short is that the current YouTube algorithm does not like videos that are more than thirty minutes long. With recent changes, YouTube ranks videos with more “complete watches” higher than longer videos where people bail throughout even if those longer videos have high view counts. As they say, it is what it is, and with this second account, you should be able to enjoy your normal video content however you please.

The next bit of housekeeping stems from the recent merch and premium sale. Remember, the sale will continue until the end of the year. However, if you renew automatically during a sale, it will be for full price. If this happens to you, there are options on how to get the sale price. First, if you send the store code you receive to support at where Rorie can cancel it and refund you to the sale price. Or you can use that code in the store!

Also, a lot of you have mentioned that the water bottles sold out rather quickly. Rorie has placed a re-order and is hoping to get more stock soon-ish. For those of you that ordered the pajamas, they should be shipping in a week or two.

Finally, if you have any questions about the new merchandise or current premium sale, drop a comment over here and tag Rorie. So far, he’s done an AMAZING job of reaching out to users that have contacted him in the article announcing new stuff.

More excellent modelling from Rorie and company with the new merch.
More excellent modelling from Rorie and company with the new merch.



An Edit to the Voicemail Dump Truck Intro (By: @kone)

Kone recently made an edit to the intro of the Voicemail Dump Truck that makes it 1,000% better. Over on Twitter, you can find the version of this that loops infinitely which increases its meme potential exponentially.


It’s Been Such A Long Time… (By: @jakob187)

Now if only we can get Dalai or Claude to post an update....
Now if only we can get Dalai or Claude to post an update….

It’s a Thanksgiving Day MIRACLE! Giant Bomb veteran jakob187 returns to share how they are doing in their recent goings-on and wishes the rest of the community the best! If you know, you know.

What’s the Greatest Video Game: Pokemon Sword/Shield (By: @imunbeatable80)

This is certainly a place to start playing Pokemon games.
This is certainly a place to start playing Pokemon games.

It is time for imunbeatable80 to tackle a a Pokémon game for their “What’s the Greatest Video Game” series and they start with Pokémon Sword/Shield! Check out on Giant Bomb if it ranks favorably or unfavorably to the other games on their list!

Indie Game of the Week 247: The Gardens Between (By: @mento)

Mento’s latest “Indie Game of the Week” explores The Gardens Between, the adventure puzzle game from The Voxel Agents! Use the link to see if this ephemeral story-driven indie adventure game is for you!

The Wheel of Dubious FPSes Episode 09-10: Command and Conquer Renegade and XIII (By: @arbitrarywater)

Mento has a real visual treat this week.
Mento has a real visual treat this week.

ArbitraryWater has another entry of their highly entertaining “Wheel of Dubious FPSes” blog series on Giant Bomb and this episode tackles Command & Conquer: Renegade and XIII! Read which game surprised them the most by clicking the link.

The Original Psychonauts Is Just An Okay 3D Platformer But An Overall Wonderful Experience Even In 2021 +

It’s Thanksgiving So Let’s Talk About Meat… Circus And Be Thankful That Most Games Don’t Have Flaws Like This Anymore +

Psychonauts In The Rhombus Of Ruin Is A Decent Short VR Experience With Beloved Characters But Not Much Creative Spark (By: BIGSOCRATES)

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck this level!
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck this level!

Before tackling Psychonauts 2, bigsocrates decided to give the original game another shot. read why they think Psychonauts is an okay 3D platformer but a wonderful overall experience. Speaking of the first Psychonauts, to celebrate the end of Thanksgiving, bigsocrates shares why they are thankful levels like the Meat Circus don’t happen anymore. Finally, they reviewed Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin and discuss how it is a decent, but short, VR experience for those that have already invested in the necessary hardware.

Some Thoughts on Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (By: @danielkempster)

danielkempster uses the critically panned Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition to talk about Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Use the link to read why they think it provides a better example of the GTA franchise revisiting old classics.

G String Reminds Me Why I Never Want To Review Games Professionally (By: @zombiepie)

Remember when Sony really went HARD to sell the PSP?
Remember when Sony really went HARD to sell the PSP?

Moderator ZombiePie recently checked out the video game G String and muses over its long development and rocky reception. Use the link to read why they think it is an impossible game to review.

Discussion Threads

Fellow Amico Freakos. The Long Trailer For Astrosmash Just Dropped And It’s Kind Of Hilarious In Its Own Way. (By: @bigsocrates)

This sure looks like a video game!
This sure looks like a video game!

It’s kind of amazing. Intellivision released two trailers this week for the Intellivision Amico and one of them resulted in questions if a game the company was making was using stolen assets. The entire situation is a total mess and the Amico itself to be one of the more compelling video game storylines this and next year.

Games That You Associate With Music/Albums Of The Time? (By: @stealydan)

Here’s an interesting discussion on the forums: are there any games that you strongly associate with an album or musical genre? Community examples include Dubstep and Borderlands 2 and synthwave and Wipeout.

Harmonix Acquired By Epic. Will Create Fortnite Musical Experiences. For Now Will Continue Supporting Older Games. (By: @bigsocrates)

Probably the biggest
Probably the biggest “bummer” of the week in terms of video game news.

The community is still reeling over the Harmonix Music Systems news. Many community members are concerned about the state of their Rock Band instruments going forward and the studio exclusively working on Fortnite. What say you?

Special Thanks To Matt Kessler: Radiohead’s Interactive Museum Piece “Kid A Mnesia” (By: @nodima)

Have any of you checked out Radiohead’s interactive museum piece “Kid A Mnesia: Exhibition?” Did you catch the Kessler cameo at the end? Join the community discussion about the arthouse project.

1 Year In, What Are Your Favorite Uses Of The DualSense? Do You Think It Has Been A Meaningful Upgrade? (By: @bigsocrates)

This seems to be turning some heads.
This seems to be turning some heads.

One year in, what are your feelings on the PS5’s DualSense Controller? Can you think of any truly GREAT uses of its haptic triggers, touch interface, or motion controls?

Do You Think Microsoft Will Add Content To Deathloop When It Comes To Xbox And Gamepass? Are You Buying Now Or Waiting? (By: @bigsocrates)

Do you think it is inevitable Deathloop will release on GamePass? For the eventual Xbox Series X version, can you imagine it having exclusive content or DLC to differentiate it from the PS5 release?

The community seems decidedly
The community seems decidedly “mixed” on this thing.

Switch OLED Discussion Thread (By: @laughingman)

Do you know of anyone that has taken Switch OLED through its paces? For those that own one, has this console revision impressed you? What would you change about this version of the Switch OLED to make it better?

What Happened To Battlefield 2042? (By: @gtxforza)

What do YOU make of the launch of Battlefield 2042? Do you have confidence DICE will be able to iron out the release issues? Is this all just “par for the course” with a modern Battlefield game?

Hitman 3 – Roadmap For 2022 (New Maps & Stuff) (By: @glots)

Should we just expect problematic launches with Battlefield games?
Should we just expect problematic launches with Battlefield games?

Fan favorite Hitman 3 just got a shiny new roadmap laying out the plans for the game well into 2022! The permanently available elusive target stuff seems to have some Giant Bomb users excited!

G4TV – The Return (By: @sargon)

Are there any users that have checked out the G4TV reboot? Have you enjoyed some of the personalities and presenters tapped to helm the network’s second go? Have any of the shows or skits stood out to you?

Amazons Live Action “The Wheel Of Time.” (By: @cyrusraven)

Have any of you out there given Amazon’s The Wheel of Time series a shot? What have you liked and disliked about it? Do you think the series has legs after the first season?


Help I Have A Fetish And It Is Games Like Space Harrier, Send Help (By: @jeffrud)

jeffrud has a Space Harrier-based sickness.
jeffrud has a Space Harrier-based sickness.

jeffrud really likes Space Harrier. So much so, they have played a TON of Space Harrier clones and rip-offs and shares which ones are actually worth playing on their latest list on the site.

Best Indies of the 2010s (By: @mento)

Mento reviewed their GOTY lists on the site and noticed a bunch of “indie” games on their lists. So, they decided to rank all of those smaller titles from best to worst!

User Reviews

I for one, am incredibly glad to have danryback's fighting game reviews on the site again!
I for one, am incredibly glad to have danryback’s fighting game reviews on the site again!
  • @danryback‘s retro fighting game reviews are back after a hiatus! This week they started with a retrospective on the King of Fighters franchise with reviews of The King of Fighters ’99, The King of Fighters 2001, and The King of Fighters 2002.
  • @chlomo‘s Factorio review discusses why everything that makes the game incomprehensible and hard to recommend is exactly why they love it.
  • @chlomo also discusses why Max Payne is still one of the best video game tributes to John Woo you can play, even if the Dream Sequences continue to be a massive black mark on the game.
  • @nateandrews waited until now to play Resident Evil Village and you can read why they think it improves upon Resident Evil 7’s slow and deliberative pace in every regard.
  • @bhlaab wanted to get to the bottom of a classic video game mystery: Is Quest 64 REALLY that bad? Read on Giant Bomb why they think the game has a lot going for it that it doesn’t get credit for.
  • @undeadpool‘s review of Ys IX: Monstrum Nox on the site discusses why the game is a perfect reminder of the “simple joy” of a well made video game.


Wiki Page Of The Week Recommendations

Can you think of any AWESOME wikis?
Can you think of any AWESOME wikis?

Alright, I mentioned last week that the Wiki Page of the Week feature wasn’t dead, but it needed recommendations from the community. Unfortunately, I still haven’t gotten any community recommendations to put into the deck for it to re-appear on the front page. If you can think of anything that is “worthy” of showcasing, send them to me however you can. Also, remember, self-promotion is ENCOURAGED!

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