New stuff is for purchase in the shop (NOT 3080s!!!!) and Rorie wants you to pre-order now.
New stuff is for purchase in the shop (NOT 3080s!!!!) and Rorie wants you to pre-order now.

Hello, Giant Bomb Community. It is I, @zombiepie, and it is my honor to again share with you the best community made creative endeavors from the previous week. First, let’s give a hardy round of applause to @voidburger for helming the Quick Look of Inscryption with the full crew! If you want to know what she was thinking or feeling during the Quick Look, check out her “behind the scenes” Tweets about the video.

As the image above might suggest, there is new stuff to buy in the Giant Bomb Emporium. That “stuff” happens to be adult footed pajamas. They are emblazoned with the “Giant Bomb @ Nite logo” from the E3 night shows and are expected to ship the third week of November.

Last week, you may recall I talked about a crossover trivia show featuring Giant Bomb staff and friends of the site. That show aired, but the archive is up on YouTube for your enjoyment. Seriously, give it a watch and be amazed at Kat Bailey’s encyclopedic Chrono Trigger knowledge.

Finally, don’t forget you can get an up-to-date schedule of every single podcast, livestream, and video planned for the site this week, free and premium, by checking out this article! With all of this in mind, let’s jump into the Spotlight!

Extra Life 2021 Links

Giant Bomb’s Extra Life Team Page (By: @marino)

Giant Bomb’s Individual Donation Page


Giant Bomb’s team page for Extra Life 2021 is now 54 members strong! Here’s the link to join if you are interested in participating this year. Also, The team goal is to raise $223,566 so Giant Bomb can crest an all-time total of $2,000,000 raised for Extra Life!

Marino is the current team captain for Giant Bomb’s Extra Life team and if anything is “off” with the page, please let him know! Right now the team has raised over $7,000!


Draw Me Like Your French Rories (By: @paulwgraham)

A lot of people seem to like Rorie’s posing and modeling for the latest Giant Bomb pajamas merch on the store. First, we have goosemunch who merged Rorie into The Creation of Adam. Likewise, we have brian_ with what I think is the first example of Rorie erotica on the site.

I… I have no words.

source: goosemunch
source: goosemunch
source: brian_
source: brian_

Commission Of Jeff Gerstmann (By: @mirq_art)

A random hero on the internet decided to commission an artist to make an illustration of Jeff’s famous “You Can’t Beat 100%” image. Honestly, I think it is an amazing for of art. Remember to check out the artist using the links above.

No Caption Provided

Jeff’s Mario Party Surprise (By: Chroneus)

I’m a bit late in terms of promoting this but many thanks to Chroneus on the Giant Bomb Discord for giving Jeff one of the greatest gifts he could ever ask for in this image!

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Not all games during October need to be scary.
Not all games during October need to be scary.

Schlocktober ’21: Shadows Of The Damned Is Still A Damned Fun Ride +

Schlocktober ’21: American McGee’s Alice Doesn’t Offer Enough Reward For All The Rabbit Chasing +

Schlocktober ’21: The Darkness II Is A Simpler And More Accessible Game Than The First, And Holds Up Better As A Result (By: @bigsocrates)

bigsocrates is a fan of the month of October and that’s why they are starting a new blog series on the site where they check out spooky games from yesteryear. This week they played Shadows of the Damned, American McGee’s Alice, and The Darkness II. Check out any of their blogs if you are interested in finding out if any of these games still hold up.

Metroid Dread: The Goldilocks Zone (By: @jeremyf)

Does Dread employ the
Does Dread employ the “right type of frustration?

jeremyf takes to the site to talk about Metroid Dread and why they think the game straddles a “Goldilocks Zone” between fun and frustration. Like most, they enjoyed picking up collectibles, but also hated getting lost.

What’s the Greatest Video Game: Captain Toad Treasure Tracker +

What’s the Greatest Video Game: Manual Samuel (By: @imunbeatable80)

imunbeatable80 has TWO new episodes of their “What’s the Greatest Video Game” series on the site. The first looks at the charming Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and assesses if it is an experience worth having today. he second blog looks at Manual Samuel, a game, until now, I had never heard of.

Feeling Pushed Away By “Player Retention” Events? (By: @wulfbane)

Ah, the nostalgia.
Ah, the nostalgia.

WulfBane wrote up an interesting piece about why they feel repulsed by “Player Retention” events. Whether it be Pokémon Unite, World Flipper, or Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they are not a fan of these sorts of events and you can read why.

The Wheel of Dubious FPSes Episode 05-06: Painkiller and Turok 3 (By: @arbitrarywater)

Painkiller and Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion are the subject of ArbitraryWater’s latest “Wheel of Dubious FPSes” blog on the site! Read which game they think was the most “dubious” to play in the year of our Lord, 2021.

Indie Game of the Week 242: Robot Wants It All (By: @mento)

Is this game still holding up well?
Is this game still holding up well?

This week, moderator Mento played Robot Wants It All for their latest indie game of the week blog! Give it a read and learn all there is to know about the “Robot Wants it” game series.

Discussion Threads

This sure did come out.
This sure did come out.

Best Game Of 2021 So Far? (By: @ramone)

Yup, it is THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN! With only a few months left of 2021, what is your current 2021 GOTY candidate? Do you have a shortlist? Share which games from the year you think are bound to top your list.

Did Lockdown And The Pandemic Make Anyone Else Burn Out On Games? (By: @sombre)

Here’s a discussion thread a lot of Giant Bomb users have shared their thoughts on: did lockdown and the pandemic make anyone else burn out on games? Share your thoughts with the rest of the community using the link above.

Has Learning About Retroactive Fan Dismissal Of A Prior Liked Game Or Thing Ever Lead You To Stop Engaging With It? (By: @topcyclist)

Premium dungeons? Is that a step too far?
Premium dungeons? Is that a step too far?

As the title suggests, are there any games you remember liking that retroactive reviews or assessments have convinced you to never engage with it. For example, I have a rough time going back to old Chris Avellone games.

For Those Wondering Whether Inscryption Eventually Opens Up (By: @strathy)

To everyone playing Inscryption, what do you make of the game when it “opens up?” It seems to be a bit of a divisive part of the game with many preferring the game’s intro phases.

Sounds Like You Might Have To Actually Pay For Dungeons In The Future For Destiny 2 (By: @rorie)

I can't wait to decapitate valkyries in 144Hz!
I can’t wait to decapitate valkyries in 144Hz!

Based on a response from a D2 CM, it appears Destiny 2 will lock dungeons and quests behind the Digital Deluxe Edition of The Witch Queen. Wat are your thoughts about this revelation?

God Of War Is Coming To PC! (By: @rorie)

God of War is coming to PC! A lot of users are excited about this especially considering how well the the PC ports for Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone were. Share your feelings about the news with the rest of the community!

Your Favorite Licensed Sports Entertainment Games? (By: @gtxforza)

The end of an era?
The end of an era?

With the divorce between EA and FIFA all but confirmed, what are your favorite sports games that feature licensed brands or leagues? NBA Jam and NFL Blitz seem to be popular picks right now.

EA And FIFA Marriage Over? (By: @wardcleaver)

Speaking of which, EA is ending its licensing deal with FIFA! Are you surprised by this news? Don’t you think EA and FIFA are a match made in heaven? Otherwise, do you think another publisher will snatch up the rights to the FIFA name?


Metacritic 200 Worst Games (With Criteria) (By: @rockstaar9)

I own some of these games....
I own some of these games….

Rockstaar9 took the time to go to Metacritic and compiled the top 200 “Worst Reviewed Games of All-Time!” If you were ever interested to know which games have been critically panned the hardest, check it out.

User Reviews

  • @yyninja‘s brief review of A Short Hike details why it really resonated with them and why they deeply appreciated its freeform structure.

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