Choosing the best Operator upgrades in Rainbow Six Extraction is essential for maximizing one’s chance of survival against the hoards of Archaeans.

In Rainbow Six Extraction, player preference should always prioritize when determining which Operator to choose or upgrade; however, certain character upgrade perks would undeniably be best to obtain first for an early advantage. Additionally, players should keep in mind that they must earn XP by completing missions and challenges before these upgrades unlock. Therefore, by leveling up fast in Rainbow Six Extraction, fans can progress quickly and access the best Operator upgrades.

One of the first must-have upgrades in Extraction is Doc’s Rank 10 Stabilize. HP recovery during missions is scarce, so having Doc within a group is a valuable resource in sustainability. While his starter Health Shots ability provides excellent utility, Stabilize increases the number of points healed in addition to the number of healing ammunition he can hold. Also, keep in mind that the HP stats of an Operator will carry over into the following missions, making any active replenishment in health invaluable.


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Two more practical Operator upgrades to work towards first in Rainbow Six Extraction are the Rank 2 and Rank 10 advancements for Pulse: Improved Range and Cardio Enhancement. Cardiac Sensor already provides incredible usefulness, especially in stealth-favored situations. However, upgrading Pulse’s scanner capability makes his abilities more worthwhile for a team doing difficult missions in Rainbow Six Extraction. When completing particular objectives, keeping a sharp lookout for enemy nests or elite enemies is essential.

Best First Upgrades in Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction Best First Upgrades

Performing takedowns on enemies can save much time and hassle in combat, which is why Ela’s Stun Duration for her Rank 2 advancement is critical to have in any tough fight. Her Grzmot Mines can stun enemies for a short period of time, granting her or her teammates a few moments to either catch their breath or quickly execute an enemy target. Keep in mind that this affects all enemy types, including Apex, Proteans, and even Smashers. Remember to learn and memorize where an enemy’s weak points are to swiftly conduct a takedown in Rainbow Six Extraction; otherwise, the alien will come to its senses with a revenge-induced rage.

Finally, Vigil’s Disruption ability is perfect for avoiding getting cornered or performing a sneaky assault, but at Rank 10, Local Disruption grants other Operators his Disruption ability as well. Combine this upgrade with his Rank 7 ERC-8 Efficiency for maximum stealth out on the field. These two upgrades are also great for solo players as it gives them a chance to escape and even extract safely from any overwhelming hoard.

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Rainbow Six Extraction is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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