If you dread waking up with bed head or dry skin, try swapping your usual pillow cover for a silk pillowcase. Touted by beauty pros for their skin and hair benefits, silk pillowcases are a game-changer for your nighttime routine and beauty sleep. Since silk doesn’t wick away moisture from your skin like other materials do, a silk pillowcase helps keep your face from getting dry and reduces the friction that can mess up your hair while you sleep.

Silk pillowcase brands often advertise an impressive list of benefits of switching your pillowcase from cotton to silk — like better hair and skin. And while the science is less than solid on how much silk can really help with complex skin concerns like wrinkles, sensitive skin or acne, beauty pros and experts have recommended them for years for softer, frizz-free hair and better-moisturized skin. 

If you’re ready to swap out your normal-thread-count cotton pillowcase for a silk alternative, and potentially reduce hair breakage, tame frizzy hair and pamper your dry skin in the process, try one of the silk pillowcases below. We’ve curated this best silk pillowcase list based on research and customer reviews from across the web, including sites like Amazon and Sephora. Also, if you’re looking to further up your sleep game, we have suggestions for the best pillows, best sheets and more.

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If you’re going to invest over $50 in a pillowcase, you want it to last, and this mulberry silk pillowcase from Slip seems to fit the bill. At $89 it’s definitely an investment, but one reviewer on Sephora says the silk fabric has held up for at least three years. The reviewer also says it’s helped keep her long, frizzy hair manageable, writing, “I slept on a cotton pillowcase the other day, and my hair was so noticeably knotted and frizzy compared to how tame it has been normally for years. It actually hurt to brush because of how much I’m used to waking up without knots thanks to the Slip pillowcase!”


One feature to look for with silk pillowcases is a zipper. It may seem like an arbitrary detail, but you’ll want a zipper so your pillow will stay in place all night. Silk is slipperier than your standard cotton pillowcase, and having a zipper will help keep a silk pillowcase from sliding off. This pure mulberry silk pillowcase from Zimasilk has a hidden zipper so you won’t even notice (or feel) it at night.


If you want to try a silk pillowcase but not fork over tons of cash, this Jimoo Silk Pillowcase is an affordable option. Beware when shopping for inexpensive silk pillowcases for products labeled “satin silk.” A satin pillowcase is not the same as a silk pillow — some brands market cheaper faux-silk pillowcases as “satin silk,” which is a meaningless label. But this pillowcase from Jimoo is actually real silk, and costs just under $20 when you clip the on-page coupon. It also has a solid number of positive reviews on Amazon (4.6 out of 5 stars from over 4,000 reviews).

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A pure silk pillowcase makes a great gift for anyone who could use a little extra luxury in their lives. Silk pillowcases also make great gifts for people who are difficult to buy for, since most people would enjoy one, and even if they have one already, they could use another. The Colorado Home Co Silk Pillowcases come in a variety of colors and each includes a nice gift box that makes the gift look even more special — and saves you a step when you’re trying to wrap the present.

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