Fans of the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise were recently treated to a special reunion episode to mark the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone being released in cinemas. Fans got a glimpse of the sets that were used during filming, as well as some behind-the-scenes facts that they never knew before.

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The reunion certainly made fans feel nostalgic and got everyone thinking about what objects they would use as Horcruxes if they had to hide part of their soul into an object to become immortal. Judging by fans on Reddit, it seems like a lot of them would have lived a bit longer than ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’ as some of the modern-day items that were chosen seem much harder to destroy.


The Declaration Of Independence

The Declaration of Independence in National Treasure

It would make sense that fans would want to keep their Horcrux as safe as possible and away from civilian hands. Reddit user MikeT97 advocated that they would use “The Declaration of Independence” as it would likely be heavily guarded and “kept under lock and key.”

While it would make sense to hide the Horcrux in something with so much security around it, this didn’t stop Harry, Ron, and Hermione from getting into Bellatrix Lestrange’s vault in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 to retrieve the golden cup. That being said, a beloved artifact of history might be slightly better guarded and monitored. Let’s hope Nicolas Cage isn’t hunting Horcruxes in the next National Treasure movie.

An Anchor

The anchor on a Titanic replica

When deciding on a Horcrux, there are elements of an object that would make it harder to retrieve or attack than others. Reddit user Thetonn suggested using “an anchor” as a Horcrux and “then dropping it in the deepest ocean.”

An anchor would certainly be an almost immovable object for anyone attempting to steal it, regardless of whether it was in an ocean or on land. However, if the Horcruxes had to be destroyed in the same way by using the Sword of Gryffindor, it would be difficult to get a powerful enough swing to make an impact on the anchor underwater. Also, underwater, the anchor would be hiding in plain sight, making it more difficult to spot and making this a great spot.

A Cockroach

Reddit user jrowens19 believed that “a cockroach” would make a great Horcrux “as nothing can kill those things.” It was shown in the movies that animals can be Horcruxes so it is likely that insects are also susceptible.

Cockroaches have been rumored to have the ability to survive nuclear blasts, so this would certainly prove difficult to kill. That is if someone could even find the correct one as there are millions of cockroaches on Earth, all seemingly identical.

A Nokia Phone

Old and new Nokia 6310 phones next to each other

Millennials will no doubt remember their first phone or at least a popular one at the beginning of the 2000s. Reddit user Tovawesome suggested that they would pour part of their soul into “a Nokia phone,” with another agreeing with the suggestion, saying “they were impossible to break.” Although they didn’t specify a model, the Nokia 3310 was widely known to be exceptionally tough.

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Many videos have gone viral in an attempt to break the Nokia 3310. People on the internet have thrown the phone off walls, thrown bricks towards it, only to piece the phone back together and have it working perfectly. Also, given how attached people can get to their phones, it would be difficult to pry it away from someone if they were told it was a Horcrux. Between the tough nature and the attachment of whoever’s phone it was to the phone itself, a Nokia would certainly make a fantastic Horcrux.

A Satellite

Reddit user Benguin2002 also advocated the use of a cosmic object as a Horcrux by attaching part of their soul “to a screw on a deep satellite,” which would then be launched into space. This would certainly be a difficult object to even reach for the majority of the population.

Also, even though destroying a satellite would cause little damage to the Earth, it’s hard to imagine if the sword of Gryffindor could even be swung with enough force to damage the satellite in space. Perhaps stabbing it with a basilisk fang might do the trick.

A Panda

A giant panda

Although all of Voldemort’s Horcruxes were evil in some way, there is one way to make sure a Horcrux remains intact and that is to place it inside one of the world’s most beloved animals. Reddit user Tommos suggested hiding a Horcrux inside none other than a Panda.

There aren’t many people on Earth who would be willing to kill a Panda. Voldemort certainly missed a trick when he decided to put part of his soul into a snake – an animal renowned for being neither cute, cuddly, or friendly.

The Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa

Reddit user Basilisk1667 proposed making the infamous Mona Lisa painting into a Horcrux as it would constantly be “surrounded by security as well as being kept under lock and key.”

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The icing on the cake, however, is that there would also be something very egotistical about having one of the world’s most famous pieces of art celebrated by millions be a part of someone’s soul. It does like the kind of twisted thing that Voldemort would do. Yet, being such an iconic painting, it would be one of the first worldwide objects everyone would suspect of being a Horcrux.

A Coin

Cryptocurrency Tokens Coins Bitcoin Ethereum

Thinking back to Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1, Bellatrix Lestrange was as smart as she was evil and had the right idea by hiding a Horcrux in Gringotts, where there are many golden and other high-value items that are constantly guarded. However, the error was in the item within the bank that Voldemort chose.

Reddit user UEdwards proposed “some piece of money or gold” as a Horcrux. A coin, regardless of value, would arguably be the perfect object to choose as a Horcrux as there are millions of identical coins hidden throughout the bank, making it incredibly time-consuming and difficult to find. Also, coins constantly move around as people receive change from ‘muggle’ supermarkets, which are then handed over in another supermarket and so on.

The Moon

1992 Shot Showing The Moon In Orbit About Earth.

The ideal Horcrux is one that can be kept far out of reach, and Reddit user LoreMaster_69 took this approach very literally. They suggested the perfect object to turn into a Horcrux is “the moon.” There are many reasons why turning the moon into a Horcrux could very well make you immortal.

First of all, getting to the moon to destroy it would prove to be a Herculean task for anyone to endure. Second of all, and arguably most importantly, destroying the moon would mess with Physics across the planet and could prove deadly for a large amount of the population if pieces were to then rain down onto Earth.

The Golden Snitch

Reddit user Laxian went for a Harry Potter-themed Horcrux and suggested that the Golden Snitch is an ideal Horcrux. The Golden Snitch would be able to fly around the world as free as it liked so it is an ever-moving target.

The Golden Snitch can also detect human movement as it avoids being caught when the seekers attempt to grab it. The size of the snitch as well also gives it an advantage as it could hide up a tree in amongst branches, inside oceans, or up in the sky as it saw fit.

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