Netflix has added a multitude of incredible content over the years, helping it to maintain its status as one of the most highly regarded streaming services around. Each month, Netflix adds and removes titles from the platform, keeping its library fresh for its subscribers.

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In February 2022, the streaming service is bringing in some incredible movies, some of which are recent releases and others that have been renowned for years. The films coming to Netflix in February range in genre, so fans of all kinds of media can find something to enjoy.


Child Of Kamiari Month (2021)

Characters from Child of Kamiari Month stand in a wooded area

Child of Kamiari Month centers on the character of Kanna, who lost her mother a year prior and must now embark on an adventure with new companions after an amulet on her bracelet begins having a mysterious effect on the world around them.

Exploring themes such as grief and passion, this film provides for an experience that is sure to tug at the heartstrings of its audience. Beautifully animated and with a fantastic voice cast, Child of Kamiari Month is a movie that is certain to connect with those who enjoy emotional journeys in film.

The Dark Knight (2008)

As one of the best superhero movies of the 2000s and perhaps one of the greatest of all time, The Dark Knight has set a bar by which many audience members still judge comic book-based films. The second installment in the Christopher Nolan-directed trilogy follows Batman as he tries to stop the Joker’s chaotic crime spree in Gotham City.

Full of complex themes and riveting performances, especially of Heath Ledger as the iconic villain, The Dark Knight has maintained its legendary status in the superhero subgenre.

Looop Lapeta (2022)

Taapsee Pannu sits and looks forward in Looop Lapeta

In Looop Lapeta, Savi works to save her boyfriend after he loses the money he was supposed to transport for his dangerous boss. The film is a remake of the 1998 movie Run Lola Run and features a time loop element that gives the protagonist more chances to fix the situation.

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Despite the dire stakes, the movie appears to be much more comedic than the original, helping to provide a fresh take that both fans and those unfamiliar with Run Lola Run can enjoy. With a talented cast that includes Taapsee Pannu as Savi, Looop Lapeta is set to be a thrilling and entertaining ride.

Caddyshack (1980)

Caddyshack - Rodney Dangerfield

Hilariously blending the comedy and sports genres is Caddyshackwhich surrounds a high-end country club and the members and people who work there. It centers most specifically on the character of Danny Noonan, a caddie at the club trying to earn enough money to pay for college.

The absurdity of the film has stood the test of time in many regards, and the performances of the cast remain some of their most renowned roles. A classic, Caddyshack has entertained audiences for decades and is often considered among the best sports movies of all time.

Anne+ (2021)

Hanna van Vliet looks out over a city on a poster for Anne+

Following two seasons of a television series, the film Anne+ centers on the titular character, who is a writer, as she tries to understand what she wants from her life before she moves to Canada to continue her relationship with a woman she connected with during the series.

The show has been highly regarded for its heartfelt explorations of its main characters and their relationships, providing interesting and compelling storylines. With much of the cast of the series returning for the movie, fans can expect a grounded and emotional look at the protagonist and her journey.

The Exorcist (1973)

The Exorcist 1973 Linda Blair as Regan MacNeil in Bed

With one of the most interesting horror movie plots from the 1970s, The Exorcist still holds up as a frightening watch that fans of the genre continue to appreciate. In the film, when Chris MacNeil’s daughter begins exhibiting increasingly upsetting behavior, she calls upon the assistance of priests.

Widely considered one of the best horror movies of all time, The Exorcist fascinates its audience from beginning to end, cementing itself in film history. The execution of its disturbing elements has inspired many filmmakers in the genre to this day.

The Foreigner (2017)

Jackie Chan walks through the woods in The Foreigner

Starring Jackie Chan as the protagonist, The Foreigner is about a man named Quan Ngoc Minh, who goes on a quest for vengeance after his daughter is killed in a terrorist attack. Jackie Chan is known for the phenomenal action scenes he takes part in, and his role in The Foreigner does not disappoint.

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With a gripping story and emotional weight that the actor portrays excellently, this film is one that fans of his and action thrillers, in general, may want to check out.

My Best Friend Anne Frank (2021)

Josephine Arendsen and Aiko Beemsterboer stand together in My Best Friend Anne Frank

My Best Friend Anne Frank is a film about the real-life friendship between Hannah Goslar and Anne Frank, as well as what the two of them experienced during World War II. Despite the horrifying circumstances, the two maintained their bond with one another.

Though the film is sure to be heartbreaking, the endurance of the friendship between the two has inspired many, and the film depiction will likely do so as well. A skilled team brings the story to the screen, including Josephine Arendsen and Aiko Beemsterboer in the lead roles.

Warrior (2011)

In Warrior, Tommy and Brendan are two brothers who, for their own reasons, decide to compete in a mixed martial arts tournament for a massive prize.

In one of Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton’s best movies, the two provide phenomenal performances that illustrate the complexities of the brothers’ relationship and help the audience to connect with both of them. Being a fan of mixed martial arts can add to the appreciation of the film, but it is not necessary to enjoy it.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (2009)

Flint looking up excitedly with a burger in his hand

Partly based on a 1978 children’s book and written and directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs has gained a following that enjoys the absurdity and comedic elements of the film.

The movie is about Flint Lockwood, a previously unsuccessful inventor who creates a machine that turns water into food, which backfires when it begins to do so uncontrollably. The vibrant animation makes it consistently fascinating to watch, and the film is further aided by numerous excellent vocal performances, such as Bill Hader as Lockwood.

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