When it comes to crowd-pleaser moments, New Girl knows how to recruit celebrity guest stars to get fans excited. Whether the stars made it onto the show for a few episodes or only one, their time was nothing short of memorable.

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Ranging from small actors to A-list celebrities, New Girl had them all. While there were a few guest stars that fans would have loved to see stick around, there is something special about their short stints on the show that make their presence all the more perfect.

10 Holly (‘Cooler’)

Holly smiling in New Girl

Starting with Season 2, Brooklyn Decker was one of the first well-known actresses to appear in New Girl. In the 15th episode of the season, Decker’s character Holly is made a point of competition between Nick and Schmidt and is later brought back to the loft to play the famous “True American” game.

Although Decker was only on New Girl for one episode, her effortlessly comedic nature was a great asset to the episode. Unfortunately for her character, she was just another girl for Nick and Schmidt to fight over, and she definitely wasn’t the last. It’s safe to say that is most likely why her character did not last long. However, Nick has his sweet moments, as does Schmidt, so it’s understandable that Holly came back to the loft in the first place.

9 The Guy (‘Virgins’)

Dylan O’Brien makes a memorable first appearance in the 2nd season as Jess’ high school boyfriend. In the 23rd episode, shockingly-funny O’Brien plays “The Guy” Jess lost her virginity to. The episode plays as one big cringeworthy moment between all the loft members’ flashbacks, however, Jess’ teen awkwardness is one of the most relatable moments of New Girl.

Though his appearance was short-lived, his time was memorable and hilarious nonetheless. His fans would have loved to see him return in more flashback sequences, but assumingly, those storylines probably would not have been necessary or relevant.


8 Elaine (‘Elaine’s Big Day’) 

taylor swift new girl

Taylor Swift’s appearance was by far one of the more unforgettable moments of season 2. The 25th episode shows Swift’s character in the crowd at Cece and Shivy’s wedding, only to inevitably run away with Cece’s almost-husband in the end.

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Though Taylor has a smaller acting portfolio due to her busy career as a pop star, she can clearly do it all. While she only had a few short lines in this episode, her comedic timing was unexpected, yet iconic. Swift likely didn’t make a return as she is a very busy celebrity, but fans would love to know where Shivy and Elaine are today.

7 Prince (‘Prince’)

New Girl Prince Jess

When fans think of New Girl guest stars, one of the most popular episodes that come to mind is the famous Prince episode. In episode 14 of season 3, Jess and Cece are invited to a party at Prince’s house, which the guys of the loft try to crash when they unexpectedly have a moment with Prince himself in the end.

While it’s no secret that Prince is a talented singer and songwriter, it is evident that he was a natural acting talent, as well. Between brainstorming with the cast and crew on script ideas and actually starring in the episode, his contributions are what made his appearance so unique and remarkable. Considering Prince turned down an opportunity to be on the show once before, it’s safe to say he was satisfied with only appearing in one episode for a bit on his terms.

6 Leslie (‘Exes’)

Coach and Leslie in New Girl

In the hilariously-chaotic 15th episode of season 3, Tiffany Haddish can be seen playing Leslie, Coach’s date for the night. Haddish adds her comedic touch to the episode with her witty nature and perfect line execution, which makes this episode a noteworthy one.

Though her time was short, fans of New Girl thought her appearance on the show was comical and in true Tiffany fashion. It’s clear in the episode that Haddish’s character was only meant to be one of Coach’s many flings, which is likely why she did not make a return. However, fans would have loved to see her come back for revenge!

5 Berkley (‘Exes’)

adam brody new girl

Starring in the same episode as Tiffany Haddish in season 3, Adam Brody played Jess’ ridiculously-laughable ex-boyfriend. Throughout the episode, Jess tries to convince the guys that it is possible to remain friends with exes, however, chaos inevitably ensues between all of the loft mates and their dates.

While fans hate to love Brody’s character in New Girl, they can’t help but admit he had top-tier humor and charm. Lovers of the show would always want his character to return, but knowing how toxic of an ex he was, it is probably for the best that he didn’t!

4 Flip (‘What About Fred’)

Jess and Flip in New Girl

Henry Winkler kicks off season 5 as Flip, Jess’ date’s father. In the 2nd episode of the season, Jess decides to try to date again by going out with an average guy, when his seemingly perfect parents start to peak Jess’ interest more. To no surprise, the episode depicts Jess’ maturity level or lack thereof.

Much like his character in New Girl, Winkler is just as beloved and appreciated by the world, which makes his appearance that much more authentic. Although fans would have loved to see how Flip’s character could have fit in the show, it was clear that the weird dynamic between Jess and her date’s parents would not be sustainable, much less socially acceptable.

3 Daniel Grant (‘Jury Duty’)

Daniel Grant in New Girl

In the third episode of the 5th season, Jess reports to jury duty, where she meets John Cho’s character. Cho plays a lawyer who interviews Jess and attempts to teach her a valuable lesson about the temptation to skip out on jury duty, making the episode one of the many inspirational moments in New Girl.

Although Cho still managed to portray a somewhat serious role of a lawyer in New Girl, his appearance in the show proved that his ability to do subtle comedy can be just as fitting for him as drama is. John’s character definitely had a smart guy charm about him, but by the end of the episode, fans knew that Jess and Daniel weren’t exactly going to work out.

2 Brandon (‘No Girl’)

Brandon talking to Schmidt in New Girl

While the 5th season of New Girl has hosted many famous actors so far, Fred Armisen’s character was arguably the most bizarre. In the 4th episode of the season, Fred’s seemingly-normal and reserved character attempts to help the men of the loft turn their apartment into an Airbnb, but things get weird at the end of the episode when the men find him dressed up and role-playing as Jess.

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Fred is a former SNL superstar and comedian, so it is no secret that his role in this show would be nothing short of hysterical. Fans still have no clue why his character dressed up as Jess, but there is something so humorous about that whole situation being left unsaid, never to be discussed again. While it would be fun to sit and debate about why his character was never seen again, this is one situation where fans have a firm grasp on why the character did not make a return.

1 Connie (‘300 Feet’)

Connie looking annoyed in New Girl

Busy Philipps’ appearance in the 5th season was nothing short of hilarious and memorable. Philipps stars in the 14th episode of the season as the owner of a cool, new bar on the block called “Presh,” which naturally rivals Nick and Schmidt’s bar.

Best known for starring in comedies like Freaks and Geeks and White Chicks, it is safe to say that Busy was going to shine in any comedic role she was given in New Girl, no matter how small. While fans of the show wish they could have seen more of Busy, her appearance was entertaining and very fitting nonetheless. The end of the episode concluded Connie’s storyline after she called a truce with the boys, so it made sense that she didn’t make a return to the show, even though fans would have loved to see their ongoing war play out.

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