1/6 Committee member Rep. Zoe Lofgren said that Ivanka Trump had conversations alone with her dad during the Capitol attack, and the committee wants to know about them.

Video of Rep. Lofgren:

Rep. Lofgren said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

We had the direct testimony of General Kellogg about what he heard the former president say to the former vice president. We would like to talk to Miss Trump about that. We have direct testimony that Miss Trump went in multiple times, at least twice, maybe more, to her father. I believe she was alone with him to ask him to call off the violence. 

We would like to talk to her about that. We have got some indication that the former president was told by his legal staff that what he was urging the vice president to do was unconstitutional and illegal. We would like to know if Miss Trump knows anything about that. So we hope that she does respond in a positive fashion as a patriot and as an American who wants to get to the truth. 

If Ivanka Trump Has Evidence To Help Her Dad, Why Is She Not Talking?

If those private conversations that Ivanka Trump had with her father were exculpatory, one would expect that she would run to the 1/6 Committee to testify.

The fact that the committee has to gather the evidence on their own suggests that Ivanka Trump has evidence that would not be good for her father.

The committee doesn’t know what Donald Trump said to his daughter, but they are very interested in finding out.

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