The Pixel 6 with the Netflix logo.
Justin Duino

After a long wait, Netflix now certifies HDR and HD playback support on the Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, and Pixel 6 Pro. The update should ensure that HDR and HD content plays at maximum quality when streaming on the latest Pixel devices.

Those with older Pixel devices aren’t missing out here—Netflix already certifies HDR and HD support for Pixel 3 through Pixel 5 devices (minus the Pixel 3a). The new update simply improves the streaming experience on Google’s latest phones.

Netflix usually certifies HDR devices shortly after their release. While we aren’t sure why it took the company so long to support the Pixel 6, it could have something to do with the phone’s custom Tensor processor, which has presented challenges for other app developers.

That said, the delay in certifying HDR playback on the Pixel 5a is a bit odd. Like most Android phones, the Pixel 5a runs on a Snapdragon chip, and its specs are nearly identical to the Pixel 5.

You can check Netflix’s full list of HDR-certified Android devices on the company’s support page. Notably, the list of compatible chipsets on this support page does not include the Tensor SoC.

Source: Netflix via 9to5Google

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