Steve Schmidt warned that Tucker Carlson has fascist sympathies and could be a successor to Trump.

Video of Schmidt:

Steve Schmidt said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

 I don’t know what motivates him but I suspect it is ambition for power. I think it’s very important to understand that Tucker Carlson shouldn’t just be viewed as a Russian useful idiot or propagandist. He is a meaningful political figure in this country. Trump’s successor is not going to be somebody like Diet Coke. It is not going to be a pale imitation like Desantis. It will be someone like Carlson, Youngkin. Someone of that ilk. Tucker Carlson should Trump not run or run could be a formidable candidate for the Republican nomination.

What he is awakened inside the Republican Party is this isolationist strain, He is really no different than the commentators rooting against England in 1939 and 1940. Isolationists. People who have fascist sympathies.

He’s somebody we know about the love of Hungary and an anti-semitic autocrat from a country on the wrong side twice in both world wars so when we look at this and look at this moment, it’s plainly obvious what Tucker Carlson has become and what we have to understand is if Putin acts in Ukraine if you have Russian aggression in Europe to settle politics the world order that emerged from the Second World War that killed 100 million people would have ended effectively and almost certainly guarantees is an invasion of Taiwan by the Chinese. As the world order unravels and something darker emerges in his place, and that’s what’s so disconcerting looking at so much of the American right in this stage of metastasizing into this situation. 

Tucker Carlson Is More Than A Fox Host

Carlson’s nightly propaganda and disinformation are helping to shape the Republican Party into a right with authoritarian movement. Steve Schmidt is likely correct. Someone is floating Tucker Carlson’s name as a future Republican presidential candidate, and that person is likely Carlson himself.

Tucker Carlson is a different species from Fox hosts of generations past. He isn’t content with building a media empire and making lots of money. Tucker Carlson appears to want power and that lust for power along with television platform has made him a threat to the republic.

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