White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told America the truth about Republicans refusing to participate on voting rights.

Psaki was asked if Biden will reach out to Republicans now that the voting rights bills are dead.

Video of Psaki:

The White House Press Secretary answered, “ We don’t accept that, but there have also been discussions between Democrats and Republicans for months now about voting rights legislation. They have been invited multiple times, part of the conversation, reached out to, 16 of them have supported the protection of voting rights legislation in the past and declined this time. They are not uninformed about what this legislation would do, and they have always been welcomed to be part of the conversation. They decided not to, and that is important for people to understand. “

The Media Has Refused To Hold Republicans Accountable For Voting Rights Obstruction

The corporate press covers voting rights as if it is a Democratic issue. The reality is exactly what Jen Psaki said, and Republicans refuse to participate and engage on the voting rights issue.

The story would be different in coverage if five Republican senators voted with Democrats to support voting rights. Manchin and Sinema would not be able to hide behind a demand for bipartisanship, and voting rights would be appropriately viewed as more than business as usual partisan politics.

Jen Psaki told America the Republican Party’s dirty little secret. The GOP is refusing to participate on voting rights, and the failure to protect the vote is their fault.

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