It was once revealed by Red Hood that there is one child sidekick who took an even darker path than him. The former Robin points readers to Arsenal.

It was once revealed by Red Hood that there is one child sidekick who could have taken an even darker path than him. The former Robin-turned-antihero points readers to Green Arrow’s old partner, Arsenal.

When Batman failed to save Jason Todd from the Joker, it was considered to be the greatest tragedy in the DC Universe. After Jason returned to Gotham City as the vigilante Red Hood, he sought vengeance on the Dark Knight. Blaming Bruce for what had happened to him as a kid, Red Hood aimed to be a better vigilante than he had been. However, there is a sidekick who could have had an even darker end in the DC Universe, as seen in Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #1 (2011), written by James T Tynion IV with art by Al Barrionuevo. 


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After Red Hood saves Arsenal, the two of them banter about the situation they find themselves in. Jason had saved Roy Harper when his recent career as a mercenary went horribly wrong. Red Hood tells him, “If anything happens to you, that would make ME the worst former sidekick ever.” He immediately catches himself, thinking, “Too far?” to which Arsenal responds with an inner-monologue of his own: “Too far.” The two former sidekicks have a lot in common, considering they were both protege to rich businessmen vigilantes. For Red Hood to be unable to save Roy after all that they share would make his own journey as an antihero in vain.

Unlike Jason, Roy processed his training alongside the emerald archer without such a traumatic event like a death. He didn’t need to blame Oliver Queen for any moral failure, or require the Lazarus pit to recover physically. Instead, Roy became a mercenary on his own, without the heavy motivations of Red Hood. For Arsenal, his development was a natural progression. It was always in his character for him to eventually become the killer that Jason morphed into, following his return to life.

Based on the issue, Red Hood appeared to have some self-awareness, seeing Roy as a personal responsibility. Their dynamic was similar to how Jason once thought Bruce should have treated him. However, he probably would have been bothered by the statements he expressed to Roy if they had been directed at him as a kid. Just as Arsenal exclaims that they make a great team, it would be a bitter demise for Red Hood to crash and fail the mission.

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