QAnon leaders hung out with Mike Flynn during a pandemic, but instead of blaming COVID, they think they were poisoned with anthrax.

Check this out:

The Omicron variant is raging through America, so the logical explanation is that these people think that they were poisoned with anthrax. Remember, QAnon also believes that the vaccine has microchips in it and that the government is sneaking vaccine into salad dressing.

These guys don’t have anthrax poisoning. The government doesn’t care enough about them to waste the effort it would take to poison them. It is the middle of a pandemic. A sane person who sees a group of unvaccinated people all hanging out together and taking zero safety precautions would assume that COVID is behind their illness.

Nobody anthrax pumped anthrax through a fog machine to get them. Mike Flynn’s conspiracy pals have COVID, but this dangerous fringe is so out of touch with reality that they won’t see the obvious.


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