Project Superpowers: Fractured States takes the franchise into a dark possible future comparable to DC’s recent Future State event.

The Golden Age heroes of Dynamite’s Project Superpowers franchise are getting a bit of dystopian flair in a series that seems to take influence from DC’s recent Future State initiative. The series is known for bringing long-forgotten superheroes back to tell new and exciting stories. A new entry in the franchise will showcase a potential future in a story seemingly inspired by another publisher’s dark, alternate timeline.

2008’s Project Superpowers was created by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger. Taking heroes that had fallen into public domain, the series reinvented characters such as the Fighting Yank, Green Lama and the American Spirit and brought them into the modern day. The series received several spin-offs focused on its breakout characters such as the Black Terror and the Death-Defying ‘Devil, as well as several stories set in alternate continuities. Now, the Project Superpowers franchise is getting a new chapter that will provide a glimpse at the future that may await the series’ stalwart heroes.


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As revealed by The Beat, Dynamite Entertainment has announced a five-issue miniseries titled Project Superpowers: Fractured States by Ron Marz, Andy Lanning, Emilio Utrera, Arthur Hesli and Tom Napolitano. Set three decades in the future, a man with amnesia wakes up in 2052, witnessing a world torn apart by warring factions of heroes, villains and corporate entities. The patriotic heroes of Project Superpowers are being pursued by a mysterious force and the resistance have taken on the mantle of the Black Terror. Fractured States promises to be a thrilling new direction for the franchise, and the revealed information brings the dark timeline of DC’s Future State to mind. Enjoy the revealed covers for the first issue below, from acclaimed artists Mike Rooth, Geraldo Borges, Paula Andrade, Rus Wooton, and the legendary Gary Frank.

Dynamite Entertainment Project Superpowers Fractured States Comic Cover A

Dynamite Entertainment Project Superpowers Fractured States Comic Cover B

Dynamite Entertainment Project Superpowers Fractured States Comic Cover C

Born out of the lapsed plans for DC’s GenerationsFuture State centered around a new generation assuming the identities of heroes such as Batman and Wonder Woman fighting against evil in a dystopian future. And if Project Superpowers: Fractured States‘ plot wasn’t enough to evoke DC’s series, the title certainly hints that it’s aping its competitor just a bit. That’s not to say that Dynamite is out of line; present heroes traveling to dark futures ruled by fascist regimes are a trope as old as time, but it does seem Dynamite may be inspired by the idea presented in Future State, but applying it in a unique way. Project Superpowers was built on the idea of taking old-school heroes and applying current storytelling conventions. Exploring the legacy of Golden Age characters like the Black Terror as America grapples with modern day fascism is in line with what the series has previously done and is a great next step for the series.

Dynamite Entertainment Project Superpowers Fractured States Comic Cover D

Dynamite Entertainment Project Superpowers Fractured States Comic Cover E

There’s plenty of room for horrific potential futures in comics, so DC shouldn’t worry about Project Superpowers horning in on Future State‘s concept, and fans can see how different dark superhero futures can get when Project Superpowers: Fractured States #1 hits retailers April 6.

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Source: The Beat

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