We’ve all come across one in the wild at some point. That acquaintance from high school you haven’t spoken to in literally nine years who slides into your DMs for one nefarious purpose…to convince you to buy into a non-salaried workforce by peddling bullshit no one wants to buy, all under the guise of ‘entrepreneurship.’ Yes, we’re talking about multi-level marketing schemes and scammers, baby! The truly sad thing about MLM is that the grifter is oftentimes just a victim of grifting themselves, caught in an endless cycle of preying on the down and out. We’re all just trying to get through our own personal hells, so it’s pretty infuriating to see these big pyramid selling companies succeed at exploiting us even more. 

If you’re as fed up as us with all this wicked MLM nonsense, you’ll surely get a kick out of these posts and memes that share your sentiment. 

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