Phonk Trollge is a viral meme of the Trollge character with other colors (mostly green and red) getting more bizarre. Oftentimes, the meme will take the form of a video using the song “Override” by KSLV.


The first known video of Phonk Trollge was uploaded on December 16th, 2021 by YouTube user AkkPak, receiving 53,000 views and 2,700 likes in 1 month (shown below).


The meme is based on an older GIF of Trollface going from a neutral expression to smiling. The GIF was created approximately in late 2012 by an unknown author (shown below).

face facial expression nose smile text head forehead emotion font eye headgear mouth jaw

The exact origin of the unsmiling, partially obscured Trollface referred to as “Trollge” is unknown. On July 1st, 2020, iFunny user JolyneC reposted the earliest found video of the face, with the post gaining over 1,700 smiles in seven months.

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