Shitposters, rejoice. We’ve got another highly exploitable and highly deep fry-able meme format to play around with – and it weirdly, brilliantly, and ironically features Peter Griffin of Family Guy and Cloud Strife of FFVII fame. While it may seem like an odd pairing of animated characters, the format just works. In the image, Cloud is standing over a clearly ailing Peter Griffin, who seems to be unconscious and relying on oxygen. Its creator, Bodko, posted the amusing depiction to Twitter in March of 2021, titling it “Cloud visits Peter.” The reception was so positive that Bodko used it in a t-shirt and, of course, minted it as an NFT. 

As a meme, the image is usually paired with text that is meant to be a sadly uttered phrase from Cloud, usually expressing that Peter shouldn’t have done something that he is clearly paying the consequences for. The first known example came from Twitter user @Martinbsss, and Cloud intimates that the reason Peter is hospitalized is because he looked up the scientific name for “Pig.” And yes, you should look it up, too. 

Over the next few months, the format has popped up here and there, but we’ve it a lot more frequently on both Twitter and Reddit over the last month. It can be hard to find niche shitposts like these, but we’ve put the best (read: dumbest) examples right here for convenient perusal. Don’t say we never did anything for you – even if “anything” = helped you lose brain cells. 

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