They de-yassified the notoriously slutty green M&M and people are not having it.

Last week, Mars. Inc announced their “global commitment to creating a world where everyone feels they belong and society is inclusive.” To prove this commitment, the candy behemoth plans on refreshing the looks and personalities of their M&M mascots, which includes taking away the green M&M’s sexy heeled boots and giving her a pair of sneakers. The absurdity of having a seductive candy character as the mascot of a chocolate snack was never lost on anyone, and over the years the green M&M has become a beloved meme for shitposters. “Give the green M&M her hoochie heels back” said one Twitter user in response to the announcement. Many others shared similar sentiments, poking fun at Mars Inc’s inclusivity campaign with crass jokes and memes. Keep scrolling for a selection of the best reactions. 

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