Patton Oswalt jokes about not giving Ratatouille’s Oscar back after it’s pointed out Ego isn’t being unreasonable for not wanting food cooked by rats.

Actor Patton Oswalt jokes about Ratatouille having a massive plot hole. For Pixar’s Ratatouille, Oswalt lent his voice to the lead character of Remy, a rat who enjoys cooking. After its 2007 release, the film quickly became a favorite among Disney and Pixar fans and is renowned as a classic by many. Its success is evident by the number of awards it was nominated for, with the movie winning the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film in 2008.

The movie follows Remy and his desperate desire to be a cook, despite unfortunately being a rat. His passion for all things cooking ostracizes him from his rat-peers, and after an unfortunate encounter with a shotgun, Remy is left in Paris alone where he eventually finds someone (Linguini) who can help him cook. The popularity of Ratatouille was seen most recently with the immense support and commitment fans had to Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical. This project started purely because of their love for Ratatouille. Fans worked as a community to get this project off its feet, managing to raise over $1 million for charity.


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Even 15 years after its initial release, audiences are still dissecting and theorizing about Ratatouille. In a tweet by rambonsaturn, the user points out that there’s no real “villain” in the movie, merely someone who, understandably, doesn’t want to eat food prepared by rats. Oswalt, Remy’s voice actor, hilariously responds that audiences weren’t supposed to notice this, and that the fan needs to keep quiet about the plot hole. He goes on to joke that they wouldn’t be giving back the film’s Oscar. Check out their interaction, below:

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This isn’t the first time someone from the Ratatouille cast and crew has addressed fans’ thoughts about the film. Ratatouille director and co-writer, Brad Bird, took to Twitter to debunk a Ratatouille fan theory that suggested Remy grew up in the same house as Anton Ego due to similarities in both houses’ designs. This would propose that Remy learned to cook through Ego’s mother, making his love of Remy’s food even more heartfelt. Unfortunately, while he liked the theory, Bird confirmed that the houses only resembled each other due to strict time constraints for the project.

Oswalt was one of the first from the cast to acknowledge the fan-made musical that was generated on TikTok during the initial Covid-19 lockdown, bringing it to the attention of Bird. The cast and crew continue to enjoy the movie alongside audiences and regularly engage with fans even years after Ratatouille’s release. This kind of attitude towards their past project only encourages audiences to continue to create content for this much-loved movie, plot hole or not.

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