As the subject of endless rose-tinted memes over the years, there’s nothing certain parts of social media enjoy more than reminiscing on being a 90s kid. Gen Z kids might enjoy borrowing some of its fashion, TV and music, but they will never understand the unique benefits and challenges of a which they often use for their grab bag of cultural references. What may have seemed like vintage novelties only a few short years ago could be considered bona fide relics by teens nowadays; or at least that’s the theory proposed by Twitter user @aklingus. Asking people about what nineties trends they could think of that would be hard to explain to someone born after the year 2000, he was inundated with replies.


Being one of the last generations to remember a time before the internet ruled our lives, the particular flavor of 90s kid nostalgia can fascinate geriatric millennials and born-in-1999 posers alike. If there’s one thing that we can take away from everyone’s responses to this tweet, we will probably never see the likes of the decade’s creatively rampant consumerism again.

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