A recent leak from a Nintendo magazine hints that another new Kirby game is in the works alongside Forgotten Land, and it might be announced soon.

A recent Japanese magazine leak suggests that Nintendo might have yet another new Kirby game in the works. Nintendo’s floating pink puffball with an insatiable appetite and a knack for colorful platforming adventure is celebrating his 30th anniversary this year, and Nintendo has promised plenty of special promotions and releases to commemorate this. Fans have been celebrating this milestone in their own way, designing custom LEGO sets based on the original Kirby’s Dream Land and sewing together surprisingly terrifying Kirby dolls out of yarn.

On the official gaming front, a brand-new Kirby game titled Kirby And The Forgotten Land is set to release on the Nintendo Switch on March 23 and looks to shake up the standard Kirby formula in a few interesting ways. Instead of the traditional 2D platforming, Kirby And The Forgotten Land will put the titular mascot in a 3D open-world environment as he journeys to rescue the Waddle Dees from a new group of villains called the Beast Pack. A new trailer for Kirby And The Forgotten Land was released a few weeks ago, showing off a few of Kirby’s new abilities and the return of the fan-favorite Bandana Waddle Dee as a playable co-op partner.


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As it turns out, there may be more Kirby action on the horizon if a recent leak from Japanese gaming magazine Nintendo Dream is of any indication. Kirby fan and Twitter user Dededaio recently shared a leaked blurb from the January 2022 issue of Nintendo Dream (via VGC), one that teases more details from Kirby And The Forgotten Land alongside “a new game we didn’t expect,” suggesting that a brand-new title will be announced soon. While there isn’t anything to indicate that this will indeed be another Kirby game or something else entirely, Kirby’s ongoing 30th anniversary and the fact that this announcement is being teased alongside more Kirby And The Forgotten Land news suggests that it might be the former.

Nintendo having another surprise Kirby reveal under its sleeve might not be that surprising, considering that allegedly, Kirby And The Forgotten Land was kept secret for a good five years before it was officially unveiled during September’s Nintendo Direct livestream. In the meantime, Kirby seems to be as popular as ever considering that a cover of the Meta Knight’s Revenge theme by The 8-Bit Big Band and Button Masher was recently nominated for “Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella” at the 2022 Grammys.

While it isn’t clear if the new game reveal that Nintendo Dream’s latest issue teases is indeed for a new Kirby game, the timing would certainly fit given that the franchise’s 30th anniversary is being celebrated this year and Kirby And The Forgotten Land is just on the horizon. Fans will be able to jump into Kirby’s latest adventure in March, with the rest of the year promising more Kirby fun to come.

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Source: Dededaio/Twitter (via VCG)

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