Hey everyone! It’s Connor from VG247, quickly writing this article to wish you all a great Christmas holiday from everyone here at the website. It’s been quite the year, but in spite of how it all went, thanks for reading all our stuff throughout it all.

We’ve still got some festive-themed pieces that will go live over the next few years, including the remaining staff GOTY picks so keep an eye out for that if you want some holiday content. We’ve still got Sherif, Dorrani, and myself to go – so you know they’ll be good.

Just today, we posted a big ol’ list of games to get you into an appropriate Christmas mood in case you’re planning on tearing yourself away from family and friends over the next few days for some quality gaming time.

Embedded above is our massive game of the year discussion video, where myself, Sherif, James, Dorrani, and Alex all discuss our picks. It’s quite a long one! But if you’d like something to stick on in the background while you’re cooking Christmas dinner or getting blasted on mulled wine, it’s a great pick.

To wrap this all up neatly, thank you for reading VG247 throughout 2021!

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