The Death of Doctor Strange: Bloodstone reveals whoever the next Sorcerer Supreme is will have to contend with Elsa Bloodstone.

Warning: contains spoilers for Death of Doctor Strange: Bloodstone #1!

The recent passing of Doctor Strange left a vacancy for the role of Sorcerer Supreme in Marvel Comics, but whoever takes up the mantle already has their first enemy: Elsa Bloodstone. In The Death of Doctor Strange: Bloodstone #1, on sale now in print and digital, the Bloodstone clan makes a surprising discovery about their bloodline, one that will lead to a showdown with the next Sorcerer Supreme.

The Bloodstone family is a formidable one. The family’s patriarch, Ulysses, is thousands of years old, granted immortality by the Bloodstone. Ulysses has used his abilities to fight monsters across the centuries, earning a reputation as a fierce hunter. He has fathered children over the years; his daughter Elsa and her brother Cullen being the most notable examples. Both have followed in their father’s footsteps as monster hunters, and both have come into contact with Earth’s former Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. Strange was seemingly killed, leaving the title of Sorcerer Supreme open. Evil magic users have become emboldened in the wake of Strange’s passing, launching attacks on Earth and leaving the planet’s other heroes—such as Elsa and Cullen Bloodstone, to clean up the mess. The Death of Doctor Strange: Bloodstone #1 is written by Tini Howard, illustrated by Ig Guara, colored by Dijjo Lama and lettered by Joe Caramagna.


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Doctor Strange’s death has released Elsa and Cullen’s long-lost sister Lyra, who her father imprisoned away in another dimension as a sacrifice. Lyra, who has the ability to “eat” magic, was locked away for countless millennia. It fell on each Sorcerer Supreme to maintain Lyra’s imprisonment, and she reveals to her siblings that the wizards who kept her in shackles never asked why Lyra was being held there—they simply went about their business, never questioning their actions. After seeing that Lyra is on their level, especially after she helps Elsa and Cullen dispatch a monster, Elsa decides she has an axe to grind against sorcerers. Elsa Bloodstone begins telling Lyra about some of her least favorite magic users, concluding that if the Sorcerer Supreme returns, she will have questions for him.

Elsa Bloodstone will have questions for the next Sorcerer Supreme

Doctor Strange’s death has not only brought evil magic down on Earth, but also long-standing secrets to light as well—and some, like Elsa Bloodstone, are having trouble processing them. Doctor Strange was the next in a long line of Sorcerer Supremes who kept Elsa’s sister Lyra locked away for no good reason than “just because.” This does not sit well with Elsa, who begins to see Lyra as a potential ally, as her magic-eating abilities come in handy in the monster hunting arena. Elsa also does not like sorcerers in the first place, so their mistreatment of Lyra only stokes the flames.

Elsa Bloodstone is one of Marvel’s premiere monster hunters, and Doctor Strange’s death has revealed secrets about her bloodline, secrets that will make Elsa Bloodstone an enemy of whoever takes over as Sorcerer Supreme.

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