It’s all fun and free drinks until somebody gets roofied… TikTok user @simpangritz recently posted a video of when he got roofied, even though he wasn’t the targeted victim. The video explains the story: It starts with knowing that he thinks it’s funny when his girlfriend flirts at bars with other guys just to get them both free drinks. The tactic seemed like a hilarious scheme between the couple that worked for a while, until one night the worst happened. After drinking only two of the free cocktails his girlfriend earned by flirting, he was out. 


The TikToker was falling all over the place and was obviously under some other sort of stimulant other than alcohol, even though he had only had two cocktails. The incident actually happened four years ago, but he only recently posted it to TikTok, paired with the very fitting/hilarious trending sound of Snoop Dogg saying, “this MFer don’t miss, man.” The video is going viral, with over 2 million viewers, and fellow TikTokers have a lot to say about it. 


The roofies were obviously meant for his girlfriend, which is already a very scary situation. They weren’t able to find out who it actually was who intended to take advantage of his girlfriend, but viewers are saying “better him than his girlfriend” and @simpangritz’s agrees. 




“Comments on this topic are wild but I agree,” he responds to one commenter. “While it sucks either way, better me than her.” This sentiment has made the comment section start popping off. Some think it would’ve been better for the girlfriend to have gotten roofied instead of the boyfriend, that way the big strong man could carry her home. While other debate that if the girl had ended up getting roofied, the situation would’ve been way more dire and since the boyfriend got roofied, there was less potential of someone getting actually hurt.



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