Trans contestant Linn Da Quebrada is facing transphobic remarks on Big Brother Brazil 22. Find out what’s happening to Linn and how fans are reacting.

Viewers and celebrities are calling out several Big Brother Brazil 22 contestants of transphobic actions and remarks against Linn Da Quebrada that include misgendering her on a regular basis in the Big Brother house. This year, history was made with the casting of Linn Da Quebrada on BBB22. Linn identifies herself as a Brazilian travesti – a term that is perceived negatively in its English translation but that is a widely-accepted gender identity in Latin America within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Despite her specific identity as a travesti, Linn is being considered the second trans woman to ever compete on Big Brother Brazil. The only other trans houseguest in the history of the Brazilian edition was Ariadna Arantes, who was cast in season 11 but became the first evicted contestant on the show. When it comes to Linn, she is already entering Big Brother as a very popular and successful singer and actress who could potentially win Big Brother Brazil this year. Alas, she is unfortunately facing certain transphobic remarks while competing on the show.


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Eslovenia Calls Linn “He”

During Linn’s very first day inside the BBB22 house, her costar Eslovenia used male pronouns when referring to her. This interaction took place while Linn and Eslovenia sat at the table to eat lunch. Linn didn’t really flinch at the remarks, but she quickly and politely corrected Eslovenia. “She,” Linn told Eslovenia, who then recognized her mistake. As seen in the video above, Eslovenia spent the rest of the day retelling that story to many of her costars, which felt like someone who was trying to “save face” or do “damage control.”

Pedro Uses He/Him Pronouns Referring To Linn, But Corrects Himself Immediately

Celebrity surfer Pedro Scooby also incorrectly referred to Linn using male pronouns, as shown in the video above. However, the Big Brother live feeds showed that he immediately corrected himself in the very next sentence that followed his mistake, which is something worth noting.

Rodrigo Uses Transphobic Slur

During a late-night conversation with the other houseguests, Rodrigo used a notorious transphobic slur upon recalling a story that he had heard before. This particular story and this particular use of the slur were not related to Linn in any way. The next day, however, Rodrigo sat down with Linn and asked her if that transphobic slur was indeed offensive. “It certainly is,” Linn replied, “don’t you feel it [that it is offensive] when you say it?” Rodrigo explained that he was simply remembering a story he heard involving a travesti, but instead of referring to that person as a travesti, he called her by the transphobic slur. The Big Brother Brazil 22 live feeds aired their entire conversation, which ended with Linn politely explaining once again that this term is an offensive transphobic slur and advising Rodrigo to never use it again.

Laís Misgenders Linn Via Anonymous In-House Message

One of the new features in the Big Brother Brazil 22 house is that contestants have the option to send an anonymous SMS-like message to a costar if they want to. The rotating feed in the Big Brother Brazil living room shows these messages and who they were sent to, but the people who wrote each of these messages can remain anonymous unless they choose to reveal that they wrote it. Nonetheless, the show’s televised episodes typically showcase which contestants wrote each message. On Saturday, January 22, contestant Laís misgendered Linn when asking if she was single via a message. The BBB22 fans had been waiting to find out who had written this message to Linn, and Saturday night’s episode revealed that Laís was responsible for it.

Celebrities & Fans React With “Linn Deserves Respect” Tweets

Many live feed viewers and high-profile celebrities have taken to social media to stand with Linn Da Quebrada and denounce the transphobia she is currently facing on Big Brother Brazil. On Saturday, January 22, the sentence “Linn merece respeito” – which translates to “Linn deserves respect” – went on to become a trending topic on Twitter not only in Brazil but also in other parts of the world. Notable tweets were shared by trans politician Erika Hilton as well as LGBTQIA+ artists such as Ludmilla, Danny Bond, Pepita, Beni Falcone, and Lia Clark, to name a few. Overall, these fans and celebrities have been urging the network to make a statement on Big Brother Brazil 22 on behalf of Linn Da Quebrada in an effort to avoid other transphobic remarks and further misgendering to take place in the season.

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