League of Legends developer Riot Games announced that it would be disabling the controversial Chemtech Dragon and the associated soul and rift.

League of Legends has disabled the Chemtech Dragon along with its associated Dragon Soul and map variant in a hotfix released today. Season 12 of League of Legends saw the addition of two new dragons to the game along with a bevy of other changes. Previous dragon souls were extremely potent for the most part but the changes they made to Summoner’s Rift were relatively mild. The terrain for the Mountain Dragon added some additional walls, while the Infernal Dragon destroyed some and removed brush from certain areas of the map.

The two new dragons, the Hextech Dragon and the Chemtech Dragon, are much more daring and make bigger changes to the game than previous dragons, as well as having higher win rates for teams that acquired their associated dragon soul buffs. The Hextech Dragon adds portals to the game that can take players across the map, and upon achieving its dragon soul grants a buff that gives a slowing and damaging effect that chains across nearby enemies upon hitting them with an attack or ability. The Chemtech Dragon, on the other hand, adds areas of camouflage to Summoner’s Rift that hide champions while they are outside of a certain distance from enemies. The dragon soul buff associated with it gave the receiving team the ability to respawn on the spot as a zombie upon death and briefly fight again. These additions, though, have proven to be difficult to balance and have caused consternation among the player base.


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League of Legends released an update announcing that the Chemtech Dragon and its associated dragon soul and terrain were being disabled, effective immediately. According to the announcement, it was their intention that the new dragons be of a higher impact than the four that were originally released as part of the Elemental Rift changes that were introduced in Season 10. Even with that in mind, Riot acknowledged the Chemtech rift was “too frustrating to play with.” The post goes on to say that Riot will be continuing to work on the Chemtech dragon, particularly with an eye to improving the rift changes it implements, however it may take them some time to get it right and as such it might not be back for a while.

League of Legends Elder Dragon

The dragon system as it currently is in League of Legends has an extremely high impact on the game. While acquiring a dragon soul buff is not a guaranteed victory, it is an extremely powerful win condition that decides many games. The Chemtech Dragon was not the most powerful of the dragon soul buffs in the game, that honor is in fact held by the Hextech Dragon. However, it was not the dragon soul itself that was causing problems in the game, so much as it was the areas of camouflage in each jungle quadrant that made it extremely difficult for a losing team to contest any objectives or for their jungler to farm any of their camps. This caused some games in which a team fell behind early to suddenly feel completely unplayable based on a random one-in-six dragon spawn, which obviously is not a healthy mechanic.

The new dragons first came to League of Legends around the time when Riot Games’ successful Netflix show Arcane was released. Hextech and Chemtech were prominent concepts in the show and the implementation of the new drakes was a way in which Riot tied League of Legends and Arcane together. Unfortunately, the chemfog proved as unhealthy for the League of Legends players as it is for the denizens of Zaun. So while it may persist in Runeterra it might not be returning to Summoner’s Rift for a while.

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League of Legends is available now on PC.

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