A deleted scene from Hawkeye features Eleanor Bishop having dinner with Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, whose costume calls back to his Daredevil look.

A deleted scene from Marvel’s Hawkeye series has surfaced online, giving fans another look at Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, this time in an attire that harkens back to Netflix’s Daredevil. D’Onofrio first mastered the iconic comic-book villain in the 2015 series, which later launched a small web of Defenders spin-offs. With the Netflix Marvel shows axed in 2018 and the MCU’s new Disney+ shows like Loki and WandaVision filling their void, many fans feared they’d never see the critically acclaimed versions of those characters again. Recently, however, Phase 4 of the MCU has begun to slowly weave Daredevil’s characters into the canon of the movies, resulting in Fisk’s guest appearance in Hawkeye Episode 6.


The fearsome Kingpin made a surprise comeback in the final episode of the MCU series, where he was revealed to be the adopted uncle of Echo and the crime lord behind the Tracksuit mafia. Having ditched his monochrome suits, Fisk was sporting a new Hawaiian look pulled directly from the comics. While seemingly dealt with in the closing minutes of the finale, fans remain optimistic that they haven’t seen the last of Kingpin yet.

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Now, weeks after the conclusion of Hawkeye, a series of deleted scenes released on Disney+ Hotstar have found their way online, adding depth to a number of side-plots and characters. One such scene, shared on Twitter by @MarcLeStrange1, shows an interaction between Fisk and Vera Farmiga’s Eleanor Bishop that feels like it came straight out of Daredevil season 1. Eleanor is seen in a flashback visiting Fisk for a dinner meeting, where Kingpin appears as his usual, intimidating self, donning a recognizable black suit that harkens back to his appearance in the Netflix show. The flashback seemingly lines up with the aftermath of The Battle of New York from The Avengers, which itself led to Kingpin’s crime boom in the Netflix-verse. Check out the full scene below:

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Along with the visual callback, the entire tone and set-up of the scene feels way more in line with that of Daredevil. While it’s unknown why it was cut from the finished show, it may have been in order to hold back Fisk’s anticipated appearance until the later episodes. Other deleted scenes have also cropped up that add more depth to the Maya and Kazi storyline, as well as further interactions between Maya and Fisk. D’Onofrio has recently talked about the slight changes made to his portrayal of Kingpin for his MCU debut, implying the extreme, violent villain had to be slightly toned down for the less hardcore action of the Disney+ show.

The deleted scene proves just how connected Daredevil has become to the main MCU timeline, and just how close fans are getting to a spiritual revival of the cancelled series. With Charlie Cox’s recent return as Matt Murdock and promises of more Daredevil appearances in upcoming projects, there’s way more fun to be had with the dark Netflix-born characters, and Kingpin could get his rematch against Cox’s Murdock within the MCU. Until then, fans will speculate about why such an interesting, visually-satisfying callback was cut from Hawkeye, but it just proves that Marvel is still capable of capturing the oft-missed tone of those earlier comic book shows.

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