The Republican Trump delusion is getting worse as actor Jon Voigt says the spirit of Abraham Lincoln is guiding Trump.


Voigt said, “Hope has arrived, and we shall never feel this loss again, for we all know it was stolen, and we the American people know the truth. Donald J. Trump is a source of God’s speed, and I know Abraham Lincoln’s spirit is with him to turn America great again. God Bless.”

Abraham Lincoln was the defender of the Union. He would not be on the side of an insurrectionist former president who is attempting to destroy democracy.

It is the height of delusion and worship to equate Trump with one of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States. Abraham Lincoln was first in the 2021 CSPAN historians’ survey ranking the presidents, and Donald Trump was 41st, and forty-one might be too high for Trump.

Trump supporters are attempting to tie their failed, corrupt, one-term president to the greatest president in American history, but no one outside of the Trump cult itself is buying it.

Trump is being guided by the spirit of  James Buchanan, not Abraham Lincoln.

The worship of one of the worst presidents in American history is a major reason why Republicans are on the verge of collapse as a party. Republicans have brainwashed themselves into believing that they can win with one of presidential history’s biggest losers.

Associating Lincoln with Trump is an insult to Abraham Lincoln.


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