After Republicans filibustered proceeding on voting rights legislation, Democratic Sens. Manchin and Sinema blocked a bid to change the filibuster rules.

The vote to end cloture on the voting rights bills failed 49-51, with Chuck Schumer voting no for procedural reasons so that he could bring the bill up again at any time.

On two separate votes, not a single Senate Republican voted to advance voting rights. The behavior of Manchin and Sinema was not a surprise. Two Democratic Senators who were more concerned with their political self-interest than the future health and well-being of democracy did exactly what they said they would do.

Manchin And Sinema Protected Their Careers On The Backs Of The Most Vulnerable And Oppressed

Manchin and Sinema told millions of minority, disabled, and senior voters that they don’t care if they lose the right to vote.

Senate Democrats should be believed when they say that they will not give up. The history of the legislative battle to pass voting rights is a long and painful struggle.

Senate Democrats made progress, but the struggle isn’t complete, and the fight to protect voting rights will go on.

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